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    Wussification of a nation. [LMAO]
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    Honestly, I don't believe in toning it down when scoring, purple ink instead of red (too harsh) or a trophy for everyone. Scoring. On paper or on the field is about ranking, and comparison. If you fake it, it ain't real. If you lose big, you do not get to think how you just had an off day. You were BAD. Accept it, learn from it, and move on. People do not learn when they think it was close, they learn when they get embarrassed.
    Same way that red ink. It is SUPPOSED to show where you screwed up. You were WRONG, learn from it, and get it right. Then move on. It ain't a social issue. It ain't a sliding scale of just how wrong you were, it's WRONG
    . No trophy for just showing up, earn it, or it's meaningless... literally.
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    "Toning it down" in this case means not rubbing it in. Once the superiority is established, it's a poor coach that doesn't recognize it and take away some lessons, both the winning and losing coaches. It's one thing to make it clear that the losers are losers, and another entirely to discourage them from continuing to compete and improve. Not much point to my buck is bigger than yours when both are eating loins.

    Trophies for showing up is another story. Barf.
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    or give the other players on your team some in game experience. Playing the top players ALL the time isn't always good sportsmanship. You don't send in a Navy seal to do an army cook's job or vice versa.

    Its not always necessary in a 'friendly' game to go 'all out' once your on top..... its called sportsmanship.
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    "Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event. When a basketball player plays by the rules, is fair to his opponent and is gracious when he loses, this is an example of sportsmanship."

    I see nothing at all in this description that says tone it down.or send in the second string. It says "fair, or appropriate" . when you are better than the other team, it is completely appropriate you make that as obvious as the score allows.

    Sportsmanship is defined more by how you lose than how you win.
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    ok @kellory I will let you win again, and you should know you don't score points by having to be 'right' all the time. We have a different view point on this

    most words have more than one meaning. Language isn't black and white.

    For example: Sweet.
    1 - "Sarah is such a sweet little girl, she’s always looking after her brother." - kind and friendly.
    2 - "This tea is too sweet for me to drink! How much sugar is in it?" - a taste similar to sugar.

    Sportsmanship for you maybe be beat [beat] it till its dead. But sportsmanship for others may have more manners and be more polite. In a life and death situation there is no need to be polite, go for the kill. Soccer isn't life and death and neither is any other sport. Get some sportsmanship![rnt]
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    Come back and fight like a man!...ooops[nutkick]
    I have a problem, when people keep trying to change what words mean to suit themselves.
    EDIT: it is customary to note an edit had taken place, when you change your post, so it makes sense when read.
    You can be PC if that floats your boat, but as far as I'm concerned. Backing off or sending in the second string , is no less that a lie. A white lie, perhaps, but a lie, none the less. It is not a true representation of the facts.
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    Another Data Point on Ambien..... AlaskaChick was prescribed Ambien, 8 years ago, for sleep Issues, and after taking it for a couple of years, developed an ADDICTION, to it, with More and more required each day, until it just didn't work anymore. She went off it over a Month, and had definite WITHDRAWAL Symptoms, which were Documented by her MD, and submitted to the FDA, as a Relevant Previously UnKnown Side Effect. After a few other Reports were documented, the FDA issued an Advisory to MDs, concerning this Drug, and it's Major Side Effects, and a Serious Caution on Prescribing it to future Patients.
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    You sweet talking dark chocolate disher you, @UncleMorgan!
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    Mahalo @UncleMorgan. We would have stopped scoring at 5-0 like we did the previous game. Similar situation where we were up 5-0 in the second quarter. We played keep away and the possession game. The coaching moment was that our girls like to play the drop too much so I had to get them to push it all the way to the other goal line before dropping.

    We ran up the score a little bit after 5-0 because we had two girls that didn't score yet during the season. So we took advantage to try to get them shots on goal. The last girl to score is our slowest girl. She is kind of big, but has a strong kick. Once she scored, she got a taste for it and kept attacking and scored again. Everybody else was toned mellow. In our keep away, our better girls were restricted to playing only with their left foot for the second half.

    Sometimes though, the other viewpoint can be made. You stop scoring and you play keep away. The other team cannot get the ball back. That can be frustrating and disheartening too. I felt kind of bad. In the fourth quarter, when we were no longer attacking to score, the other team had clearly given up. Hate to see that. The other coach was yelling for all of their players to push up and attack. So they played 100% offense to try and score without regard for defense. But they couldn't get the ball except for a few times we made really deep drops back toward our own keeper. Even their keeper came way out. We could have dribbled the ball in many times.

    Anyway, I am proud of our girls. They have progressed as a team tremendously since the season started. And I feel they are a very very strong team in our league if they can possess the ball that way they have been doing.
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    I am against trophies for showing up. When you are five, it's kinda cute. Because at that age, it really was for showing up and having fun. We haven't done team trophies in a while. Waste of money.
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  12. Hanzo

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    I think you can show class both in winning and losing. As we were shaking hands with the other team, their girls were upbeat and classy. I could hear a couple of them saying we were the best team they have seen and played against. They were classy and gracious in defeat and I commend them and their coach.

    We don't yell out to tone it down or anything like that. That would not be classy. But our girls know to play like that when we have a large lead. Five goals in soccer is a large lead. Only girl that didn't was the last girl to score. She just kept going for it. But I think it bodes well for future games now that she has a taste for scoring and wants it.

    We work on developing other parts of our game. Part of my analysis was that the other team was packing the mid field area, where our girls were playing keep away, to try and get the ball and score. Our girls were dropping the ball into that area. My take away is for them to push it up into open space to stretch them and then drop and swing the ball. Against a better team, what our girls were doing could hurt us, so we need to work on awareness, communication and decision making. So while we didn't try to score at all after, I still want my girls to push and probe as if we were attacking their goal. Just not finish. Doing that helps us. And it helps the other team sharpen their defense for future games.
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    There is more to the game, than just the score alone. You are building team skills, training. That is a far cry from backing off.
    You team clearly has a handle on sportsmanship, in how they win and lose.
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    We play everyone in every game. I was so happy that every player has scored already. Most seasons, only a handful of girls score and the weaker girls don't. Though not from lack of trying.

    In this game, we had three girls that did not score yet in the season. And the each did. I like when the scoring is spread out. Seven girls scored. Who you gonna stop? You have to play everyone that way. I told one of the girls that she was going to score and her dad was going to dance. So when she scored her first goal, guess what happened. Her dad was running around and dancing.

    I like the self fulfilling prophecy tactic too. Sometimes, before a game, I will pull a girl aside and tell her that she is going to score. And she does! Then I tell her that she is going to score again. And she does. After the game, when I tell her, "Told you." The confidence is high. One season, I had a very weak team, skill wise. So I worked extra hard on conditioning. We played this one team that was better than us and were down 3-0 at the half. I told me girls that they were playing really hard and that we have the other team right where we want them and that we continue playing as hard as we were and the second half is ours. That's what we trained so hard for. We came back 4-3. The refs were like, "What a great game." Our girls never let up and kept the pressure on. One girl played until she puked. THAT's the warrior spirit. After she puked and rested, she went back in.
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    @Uncle Morgan. Yes, I accept-you know exactly how to treat a woman, Unc. And seriously, You don't think I don't know about big pharma?! If i didn't have a biological sleep disorder I wouldn't take anything but I might walk outside in traffic not a good idea. XD But if SHTF I hope I go quickly because I need my beauty sleep. I sleep nine hours. so, I am aware of all the horrible effects of pharmaceuticals and I appreciate your concern but must weigh what is absolutely necessary from what is ideal right survivalists?
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    I have no idea, I sleep 6 to 7 hours a night at most... if I slept 9 hours I would be waking up at least a couple of times.
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    @ kellory\
    I never got to answer your post on the closed thread. You laughed that I live in a hospitable climate. Well, I travelled everywhere and chose this climate for precisely that reason. I think it illogical and stupid to choose a climate where you have to fight Mother Nature, all-powerful; that is a losing battle. You'll win in traffic court a lot sooner, and I know because I have won in traffic court twice, cross examining two police officers. And no I am not a lawyer. But mother Nature, that's a fight you and I will Never win.
    So I made a logical and very intelligent choice climate-wise should the SHTF.

    @motomom Hahahaha! Agreed. I cannot stand the Everybody's a winner attitude that parents have. Sometimes we win in life; sometimes we lose and it has created a lot of wusses. I had an assistant who told me "my mother wouldn't want me doing that" referring to getting my team coffee when we were spending 12 hours a day on a project. I fired her. I told her"well you will do it here or you can go home to mommy." She did it but she was a flake I fired her soonafter.

    Thank You. I am aware but there are worse-like Benzos which people say they could never go off of. So it's hypnotics or nothing. I am very well educated on the sleep drugs. Thank you for the warning I would warn others too. I get regular blood tests and it is working. I have to weigh my sleep disorder danger with the drug. Thank you motomom.

    All I can say Unc, is it's better than a benzo cuz it leaves my system sooner. Trust me Enemy number 1 is Big Pharma. We agree on that and the chocolate thing. swiss made uncut.;)
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