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    Pennsylvania Content on FracTracker.org | FracTracker Alliance
    What do they do with all the waste?
    Getting Rid of All That Waste | FracTracker Alliance

    Oklahoma Content on FracTracker.org - Explore Information by State
    California Content on FracTracker.org - Explore Information by State

    If you truly understand that governments are corporations, then it all makes sense.

    This is just a time lapse for PA:

    Compare with the complaint map:
    Hidden Data Suggests Fracking Created Widespread, Systemic Impact in Pennsylvania - PUBLIC HERALD
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    Wow had no idea it was that bad
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    Under the Radar! WOW, that is bad!
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    I have no idea of what is going on. I know that we stopped the pipelines and now flare the natural gas and waste it as they collect the oil and get rid of the gas. Everyone has a dog in the hunt and everyone presents their story to the best of their advantage. Greens want to make fuel and energy so expensive that we will all go back to the wild and sing Kom bye ya, seem to care less that the few that survive will most likely have to live at a 18 th century style of life. The other side could care less as long as they make this weeks profits and if 500 years from now, someone is still suffering from the problems they created has no impact on their decisions. Try to lead my life as well as I can and don't trust any of them.
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    I love natural gas, my bills are so low because of it.
    I am not 100 for or against this quite yet. But was surprised.

    In San Fransisco Bay are in the 1980's there was allot of gas wells that now have homes built right over them.
    I know cause I actually helped a guy that read the meters on the pumps each day all thru out that county.
    There is not much here where I am directly but in Oregon there are and increasing amount of plans.

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    We love fracking in new mexico.
    It's been going on here for at least 50 years.
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