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    first I like to say hello, been luring a bit and now decided to join the forum. I watched the new extreme couponing show. I was thinking that it would be great if you were a hoarder, prep-per or a stock up person to be-able to get some supply’s cheaply. I have used coupons before, but never like they do on that show. It doesn’t seen real. I never gotten any thing free nor used hundred of coupons but if that works it would be great. my goal would be a toilet paper supply mostly, but what every that’s usefully.
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    My wife saw this the other day. Saw a lady spend something like $100 for $1900 worth of stuff. Sounds like a dream come true. I'd pay someone to find me those deals if it saved me $1800! This lady would spend 6 hours a day finding the coupons. Got to check this out.
  3. Lawmaker

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    One lady spends 60 per week doing it. Problem is you have to have a grocery store that doubles coupons and you have to find the coupons.
  4. radpug

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    I bought 6 newspapers today. 1.75 each total $10.50.
    Took out todays coupons.
    First transaction (store has limits so cant buy every thing at once)
    Bought 4 bars of soap (3pack) on sale 1.00 used 1.00 coupons = free
    Bought 2 large tooth paste on sale $2.77 each total $5.54 used 2 coupons .75 each = 1.50 + .50 off total 3.99 Got a coupon for the purchase from the store of $5.54

    Second transaction,
    Went back to store used the 5.54 store coupon and bought 2 more tooth paste = free, also used 1 more soap coupon(should have been 2 but seem to have lost one) =free.

    Third transaction,
    Had a $3.00 store coupon (from store loyality promotion)
    Used it on 2 more toothpaste, 5.54-3.00 =2.54-(.75 and anther .75)= $1.04

    So $10.50 for papers the 3.99 on the first order + $0.33 second order and $1.17 third order = $15.99 cost

    Coupons used $16.45

    So $16.45 - 15.99 = $0.46 profit.

    Total cost of goods useing their sales price $21.62
    I have no idea what the regular prices would be.

    That was 6 tooth paste and 5 (3 packs of soap, 15 bars)
    And i have only used 9 coupons from todays paper and 3 store coupons.
    Sucks i lost the other soap coupon, my numbers would be anther dollor to the good.
    There lots more coupouns just need to wait or find more deals.
  5. radpug

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    21.62 value of items - out of pocket cost of 15.99 (items + cost of papers)
    = 5.63 to the good so far, broke even plus profit if more coupons are used
    More possible profit. Profit definedin value of goods not monatary return to me.

    Also the .46 cent above isnt relized as money to me just abstact differents in
    The amounts.
  6. samintn

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    I have to start doing this.
  7. Tracy

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    Those coupons are just like cash in your pocket! :)
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  8. radpug

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    Store had a sale price of $3.99 on pack of razors.
    I got 3.00 off coupons in sundays paper,
    I ended going to 3 different stores (were sold out in 2)

    So final found 4 @ $3.99 and used 4 $3.00 coupons

    Total 4.76 (was .99 each plus tax)

    So $4.76 bought $16.00 of sale price merchadise, regular price was $25.96.
  9. radpug

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    In just 2 weeks i have been able to acquire $295.01 worth of merchandise
    At $90.33 cost of items plus $17.85 for news papers. So total cost including
    Both items and papers $108.18.

    Its really making a difference in my supplys.
    I have shampoon,soap,razors,toothpaste,deoderant,dish deterget,body washes,denture cleaners for my father,Rice and pasta,hot sause.
    This is the good brands at prices cheaper than the cheap stuff i usual have
    To buy. And alot has been free.
  10. dragonfly

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    I got to start looking into this!
  11. ranchgirl

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    Coupons are great for things! The commissary overseas here accepts coupons up to 6 months expired and I get big envelopes full from people in the states. I keep them in a binder, organized with baseball card sleeves. I bring it with me everytime I go to the commissary- that way if something is on sale- body wash, deodorant,etc, I can easily stock up.

    I've ended up getting paid to take some things!
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  12. VHestin

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    Alot of companies will also have printable coupons on their site, problem is stores like to claim the printed coupons are fraudulent. Also alot of free samples available. I've gotten free Cheez-Its, Oreos, instant coffee, cereal....not really 'healthy' I know, price was right though :)
  13. Clyde

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    When ever I order online, I always check for a code. For instance, I was ordering a few shirts from Eddie Bauer and I checked "Eddie Bauer Coupon Code" and one came up in my search...free shipping when there was a 20% off sale going on. Saved like $15 bucks on a $50 order.
  14. oth47

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    My daughter is the coupon queen around here,she saves a lot of money.She gets her items free sometimes and even gets money back.Her website is myrubbermoney.com,she hasn't had it long.
  15. sulla

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    Last week our local grocery store was running a sale where you could buy "helper meals" (hamburger helper, tuna helper, chicken helper) at $1 each there was also a promotion going on where if you bought 10 general mills brand food products in one transaction $5.00 would automatically be deducted from your purchase resulting in the helper meals being 50 cents each when you bought 10 now for the best part... right next to the helper meal display were coupons for $1 off when you bought three meals as well as another $1.00 off ins-tore promotion when you bought 10. To make a long story short we purchased 10 helper meals for a grand total of $1.05 = 10 1/2 cents per box. On the same promotion we were also able to get Suddenly Salad pasta mixes for less than a penny each in lots of ten.
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  16. radpug

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    I have been able to get $585. worth of stuff for $207.
    If my maths right that a saving of 65%. To bad this is
    only for items that i had coupons on.

    its all stuff i will use and its nice to get a little stock pile going:D
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