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    Running Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon, I wanted to customize my login a little more.

    Login Themes: Eyecandy for your GNOME-Desktop - GNOME-Look.org

    You can download these in your Firefox browser, or obtain the link and paste it into your Cpanel with the command
    wget websiteurl.com/filename.tar.gz
    Note: At least one of the themes doesn't work; it appears to be empty or corrupt (login-scan-fusion theme).

    How I install the login theme:

    There's more than one way to do this. First, I click on the link at the Gnome site I linked above and download with the browser:

    My saved directory is 'Downloads', so that's where I will go to get the tar.gz. I am going to also navigate to Menu/Administration/Login Window to open the theme panel:

    Once that is ready, I can either click 'ADD' from the panel, or I can simply drag and drop the tar.gz package onto the theme panel, which is what I chose to do here:

    Now, you can test out your new theme by selecting it in your theme panel and logging out (or switching users).

    Finally, an optional step is to delete the tar.gz theme package you downloaded from your download directory. Enjoy!
    Screenshot from 2012-11-21 17:06:37. Screenshot from 2012-11-21 17:09:08. Screenshot from 2012-11-21 17:10:24. 25716-1.
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