Fans of "The Hunger Games" Being Sold Adventure Classes

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  1. The ultimate experience for role playing is being catered to by the Hunger Games Fan Tours in Brevard, North Carolina. Fans now want to reenact the very activities that take place in the movies that they see, a step away from the virtual reenactment scenarios taking place with P2P video games.

    They will get to take part in developing bushcraft skills like making fire, shelter building, and water procurement and hunting methods such as archery and camouflage.

    The success of the movie has sparked an interest in the area where the movie was filmed, many of the scenes taking place in Charlotte and North Carolina.

    The North Carolina State Tourism Board took notice of this and moved to capitalize on the interest in their region by developing a travel itinerary of the activities that take place in the movie as well as the locations. Over 20,000 people have viewed the itinerary notes since it was posted online according to Margo Metzger, spokeswoman for the Tourism division.

    It's really a kind of literary tourism, which the South of the U.S. is no stranger to having been home to writers such as Faulkner, Williams, Richard Wright, Eudora Welty, Willie Morris, and Shelby Foote-all natives of Mississippi. When tourists pass through they inevitably want to see the birth places of their favorite authors, or where they lived and wrote.

    For the last decade the University of Mississippi has hosted the Yoknapatawpha Conference which has regularly brought hundreds of people every year to the town of Oxford, Mississippi. Yoknapatawpha being a fictional creation of Faulkner.

    Although tourists can sometimes be annoying, it's always a positive thing anytime you can get people off their butts to go outside and experience nature. The more people can value our natural resources on a personal level the more easily it is to promote support for preservation of natural habitats that are continually assaulted by coal and oil industry practices of hydro-fracking.
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