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    Strictly, the faraday cage needs its own ground. The house ground back thru the incoming power lines will act like a gigantic antenna and add some serious whack to the cage. In the case under discussion in a basement location, I would set the box on the floor and go totally ungrounded, then before opening the box, ground it to the house ground to dissipate any remaining charge. By the time the event is over, there would be no risk to the contents of the box.
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    Well Not actually.... The House Neutral and Ground are Bonded in the Main Panel and that Ground goes to the local Ground Rod at the either the Meter, or Main Panel... and also at the Pole Transformer Secondary side Ground Rod at the Pole. There may not actually be a Ground carried through the Distribution System, that leaves the SubStation.... as most of the Distribution Systems are UnGrounded while on the Poles, except on the actual Drops on the Secondary Side of the Transformers..... and inside the the SubStation Fencing....
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    Why would anyone ground a faraday cage? By doing so, you have now made a metal object with a path to ground (energy always will flow to a point of lesser concentration) and created a circuit. The work in a faraday cage is done by the enclosure resisting electromagnetic energy by not allow the waves to enter.
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    That's like saying that a metal stake in the ground is a "path to ground". It's not, electrically, it IS ground. If your enclosure has enough resistance to make it a "path to ground" rather than effectively ground, then the effectiveness of your enclosure is questionable whether it is grounded or not.

    While I agree that a cage doesn't have to be grounded, a properly grounded cage will work just as well...and in some cases maybe better.
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