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    Cold here but not to bad, 35 degrees and it is about time to get the wood stove going this mornng. Just been reading the news and so on yet and haven't done much else. Our 25 year old today daughter is asleep on the sofa in the livingroom so here I sit in my bedroom.
    Our oldest son and his family have moved to the valley. My Dave went and helped son get their things from a storage place in VA a week and a half ago.
    They took our full sized truck and our 18 foot farm trailer. They did 4,700 miles with a day of loading and a stop in S E Ohio to see another daughter and grandkids in 6 days.
    To say hubby was beat and the 42 year old son is an understatement lol.
    Son is looking hard for a job here in the area. Right now they are staying with another son and family and come up here ont he weekends and camp out in the living room at night or the old Winnabago.
    He said its like being in a tin can being banged on all night with sleet coming down 2 nights in a row lol.
    So they may stick to sleeping in the livingroom on stormy nights.
    With helping them out we had to tighten the old belt some more (how about a lot). But thats what family is for. To help.
    The truck now has a leaking oil seal so that has to be fixed before snow hits. Good thing son also does mechanic work.
    We butchered the 4 turkeys last Saturday, so now they are tucked away in the freezer :).
    Dave taught the 2 grandsons how to butcher birds and even taught them how to skin a chicken (rooster) that needed to go. One to many roosters in the ol hen house.
    It was drizzleing and foggy when I got up on Saturday but it still needed to be done.
    I was the first out the door and had almost all of the things ready for butchering by the time Dave and kids got up. Always good to have another chore finished with.
    So many things going on in the world and with whats going on in our country it makes your head spin.
    I never thought I would see some of the things that are happening here. Every day it is somehting else and I think hey where did my country go :(.
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