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    The Weather channel has a new series called Fat Men in the Woods. I saw many skills and learned some tips by just watching one episode.

    Creek Stewart is the survival expert and he has been living the life for 15 years. His knowledge is endless. He has a business of giving survival lessons. Below is a link to his blog.
    Fan Favorites –

    He focuses on the rules of three but in the order that they need to be addressed.

    Last night on the show, he mentioned that sap burns and is great for fires. I knew that but what I didn't know is that the bottom of the tree is saturated with sap. Take you hatchet and cut out a few large splinters from the bottom of the tree. That is the best place and your fire will burn longer because of the amount of sap.

    Below is one of the shows:
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    (That's what it's called)

    The networks are constantly searching for "survivalist" types, and I have been contacted numerous times over the years, and it's not because I am special -I know a few guys I keep in contact with who have also been asked to give an interview. As far as I know, we have all told them to 'beat sand'. These television producers know it's a hot topic, and they will draw in viewers as much as possible by recruiting "talent" any way they can. The problem with some of these shows (Doomsday Preppers for example) is that they typically shed a dim light on prepping and survival, and few very rarely depict realistic ideas and instead go for 'shock and awe' and entertainment. I think Bear Grylls is the best example of a decent guy used as a marketing/television icon used to promote a show and sell merchandise, while somebody like Les Stroud (Survivorman) is a purist and generally not about supporting corporate America. Then, there's the middle ground, with excellent broadcasting delivered by an expert in survival and bushcraft like Ray Mears, and his many television shows on the BBC, which only supports proper and safe techniques. Also, the BBC does not promote commercials, since there are no advertisements with their broadcasts. The downside is, folks have to pay a fee to watch it, and then there's the British TV taxes and licensing which is always a pleasure.

    But, yeah...this show doesn't look too bad, but it is geared mainly toward average American types with a short attention span. My only criticism is the camera shifting every two seconds to another angle or close up, which is a reminder that these producers cater to the attention deficit condition of X-Box junkies and obese, Cheetos munching couch potato types. But, perhaps I am being too cynical.
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    It is a reality show so we get the reality aspect of the drama and repeating of stuff but the show I linked did give me some stuff to consider. It does make one wonder why all the doom/survival shows. I saw an ad for the Left Behind book becoming a movie. I could be a conspiracy person and think they are trying to give me warning. But then the networks could just be cashing in on the rise of people who are starting to think- I need to learn how to take care of me & mine.

    From the show linked:

    I learned a new little trap with the stick and rock. It didn't work to well on the show but it could have success away from the cameras. They found bees to eat. My first thought was would someone who is allergic to bees have a reaction to eating the dead bee? A bee sting vs. consuming a bee- would there be a reaction. I know that some homeopathic treatments introduce small amounts of bee venom.

    Also from the show I linked, I am not sure what punky wood is, if they explained it I missed it but I figure it is a real dead old wood. Since it was so cold I would assume that the shelter was cold. My thought was place some medium size rocks in the fire, heat them then schooch them into the shelter so they radiate some heat inside.
  4. Brokor

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    There are a bunch of survival shows being made, it's like a virus lately. I was watching a vlog post by a guy up in Alaska, he makes short video posts about his daily life, usually just silly stuff, but it's fun. Anyway, he was talking to some locals in Anchorage, and they were telling him how there are folks shooting shows there just outside the city and making it seem like they are in the middle of nowhere. It's all in the camera angle and how they choose to set the scene. A lot of fake stuff happening and camera trickery, all for ratings and maintaining a budget. Not every show is like this, but this is just one example.

    I think Les Stroud is making his new Survivorman show, last I heard. That should be really great. I know the Science Channel picked up his Survivorman And Son series:

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    Couldn't they call it something other than "Fat guys in the woods"?
    I would dismiss it in a heartbeat because the of the shows name.
    Even though it appears to show some really good survival techniques.
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    If you have ever been to Anchorage, you would know that if you get 20 miles outside of town, AND off any State Highway, by more than a mile, or two, YOU ARE out in the Bush of Alaska....Untracked Wilderness is EVERYWHERE.... Heck, the AnchorTown Cops have to chase Motormer Moose's Relatives out of the City Parks, on a weekly Basis.... Same with Brown and Black Bears.....
  7. Brokor

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    Yeah, these guys were right on the edge of town, like down the street from the local burger joint. I thought I made that obvious. My bad.
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    I have watched most of the other "survival" shows and take them for what they are. But, I kind of like the "Fat Guys in the Woods" they are kind of funny and serious at the same time. Or maybe it just makes me feel better about my skill level.
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    I just wish the Weather Channel did something related to weather...like they used to 20 years ago.
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    While I know that reality tv isn't really real. Much is staged I would rather people be watching Fat guys in Woods then Honey Boo Boo. This show at least teaches people something useful. The surprise is, most can sit on the couch and think I can do that but it s a whole new world when you get out there and do it. I am going to keep watching and I will post the tips, techniques and questions that I have.

    ** btw- I watched an episode of Honey Boo Boo and it was something. I saw how they make sketti- it was horrifying and very unhealthy but they seem like real happy people. So who am I to judge.
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    I love this show- they had a marathon on last night and I always learn something.

    Last night I learned how to make pine sap epoxy. Very simple, all you need is a pine sap bulb, charcoal from the fire and a fire.
    How to Make Pine Sap Glue –

    I also learned how to make a river cane whistle:
    Sensible Survival: Make a Signal Whistle from Bamboo or River Cane

    Each show there is a different shelter and trap that is built. One of the shelters last night used those mylar blankets.
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    Other than les stroud it is the only show of that type i enjoy. I am a big fan of bushcraft, gives me and my buddies a chance to be twelve again. I think you can see that coming out in the participants on the show. You can tell creek stewart ( i think that is his name) enjoys watching them learn.
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    This Sunday 1pm Eastern time they will be having a marathon of Fat Guys in the Wood season 1. Then it will be the start of the new season. From what I have read, this coming season they will have the show in different locations. The show has been based in the East which is more lush then the West.

    The child and I have talked about replicating what they do on the show each week in regards to starting fire and building shelters. Practice is good!
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    if you take the time to really watch and listen to what is going on then you would understand the reasoning behind the title. "fat guys" is in no way to be taken in a negative way, it is simply describing the overall condition of both the participants on the show and society as a whole. i agree with creek's philosophy in that we have become lazy and too dependent upon technology. like i said when i first signed in to this site, i would gladly go to pioneer living if i had the chance.
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    Sunday the FGITW started a fire using a coffee can, mylar blanket and sucking the air out to keep the mylar taut. I found this video that is along the same concept thought you do not have to piece together items. I have an unopened coffee can and now an excuse to buy chips. I am hoping the sun comes out this weekend so we can try this.

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    Nice one ! I'm still a fan of water bottle method but it doesn't work every time
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    Yeah, I like Green power science.
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