Fatigued: Will I die when SHTF?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by SlowBro, Jul 9, 2011.

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    I'm a born-again Christian who loves Jesus. I've been alert to the worsening economy for years, vaguely since 2006 and more seriously since 2008. I've got lots of book knowledge and many gigabytes of downloaded materials from CD3WD, Practical Action, Mother Earth, Journey to Forever, etc. We have enough preps to make it through a hurricane, which (bless God) are not common here. I also have a rough plan for dealing with a long-term collapse, one which requires little startup costs almost no ongoing costs. I haven't see any one else with this kind of plan, so I'm writing an article about this that I hope to publish soon.

    I'm very light on skills and hands-on experience as I'll explain in a minute, but at least I have the book knowledge, awareness, some basic preps and a long-term plan.

    I have a strange fatigue but am working with a great doctor. He takes the best from natural and western medicine so I should have an answer soon.

    Mostly my fatigue affects motivation. It's next to impossible to get up and do stuff. Also analytical thinking is tough. Meditating on the Bible is very difficult, almost painful.

    Tried nearly everything under the sun to cure it; medications, blood tests, vitamins, diet, exercise, etc. The list is about two pages long.

    I sometimes wonder if I will die when the fecal matter hits the rotating blade element? As a born-again Christian that doesn't worry me, but I also have a family to feed, so I think about them. I'm trusting in the Lord for the unknown.

    If I had someone who could come alongside and exercise with me, and do physical labor with me at his side, perhaps the motivation barrier could be overcome.

    What do you think? If I never heal from the fatigue, and we have a slow-slide economic collapse over the next ten years, will I die? Or can you think of a strategy that I might employ for help with the motivation/analytical thinking/physical strength?

    Will probably need to link arms with someone who is strong but lacks book knowledge, so that we work smarter, not harder.

    What do you suggest?
  2. chelloveck

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    A problem shared is a problem halved..so it is said

    There is no reason why you would necessarily die in a SHTF situation, though suffering from chronic fatigue, and motivational difficulties will undoubtedly be very challenging.

    With the limited information that you have provided it is a little difficult giving you any specific advice....but I do wonder if the problem is a psychosomatic issue, or some manifestation of depression...they are possibilities to explore with your physician. Having some kind of definitive diagnosis would help in identifying effective strategies for dealing with your challenging situation.

    I'll ponder more on your problem

    By the way...welcome to the site...others will be more than happy to help...and learn from you, as you will undoubtedly do from them....keep posting.

    best wishes,

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    We've discovered I have testosterone and thyroid deficiencies, as well as adrenal fatigue, but are not sure if there's any other problem(s). Wife is seeing a chiropractor who's helped her discover food allergies she didn't know she had, and is feeling somewhat better (she also has some of the same problems).

    You said, "A problem shared is a problem halved..so it is said" That may be the way to go. We're praying about starting/joining an intentional community (a.k.a. "commune") and found excellent resources on Amazon for starting or choosing said community.

    Please do ponder the problem, it's sticky for me.
  4. SlowBro

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    To Christians: I haven't neglected prayer and hope for healing -- but God has a free will too, and may not heal me.

    To non-Christians: You'll think I'm a whackjob... your opinion has been acknowledged ;-)
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    No you're not a whack job. I had similiar symptoms to yours till i found out that aspertame (I was a heavy diet coke drinker) was pure poison. At work (union shop) i"m considered a whack job because i don't stand at attention when the big O has more dribble to declare. Life is difficult at best.
  6. SlowBro

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    Aspertame, terrible stuff. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Any suggestions for my predicament?
  7. Dovey

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    Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do things that you don't feel like doing. Take small steps to begin with. For example if you're not up to working a garden, try some of those self watering patio containers.

    I'd love to sit here all day and even fall asleep in this chair, but I force myself to get up and do things that need to be done. All the knowledge in the world won't help you one bit if you don't use it.

    By starting or joining a commune, do you expect others to do the work for you? Or more of a, I'll join in the work for awhile, but I'd be more than happy to just tell you how it should be done?

    Yep, shtf you're probably going to be one of the first to go.
  8. jungatheart

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    I find I'm often depressed with what's going on in our country because it's so wrong and can't work. I think being depressed causes fatigue,tiredness, and lack of that get up and go. I know I'm sleeping lots more since Obama was elected.
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  10. SlowBro

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    Interesting thought.. the tiredness did begin precisely at the time when I started waking up to the economy... hmmmmm. Though I had symptoms for years.
  11. oth47

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    Try St.John's Wort for depression.It made an incredible difference for me.
  12. Cephus

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    Seems like everybody is depressed ,me I'm just pissed at the whole system .
  13. chelloveck

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    I am a non-Christian...and I don't think that it necessarily follows that Christians are whackjobs....though in some instances the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive...the same holds true of non-believers also...just that some people are whackjobs...because they ARE whackjobs...not because of their religious beliefs or a lack of them.

    In your case...I have no reason to believe that you are a whackjob.
  14. SlowBro

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    Yep I take 2x a day.
  15. SlowBro

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    Thanks for being tolerant. The "whackjob" was in reference to asking the Flying Spaghetti Monster for healing :-D But that's off-topic.

    Any new thoughts on my predicament, what strategy I can use in five years if I still can't get moving to do even basic things? Or do I just need to look forward to pushing up dandelions?
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  16. SlowBro

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    The stress of the coming event may have been a trigger but there definitely are other causes. I have spurts of feeling normal, like I used to be. Meds seem to have gotten me part of the way out of the hole -- used to sleep up to 14 hours on some days!
  17. gunbunny

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    You said you had a family, shouldn't your children provide the necessary motivation? That's one of the big factors that keeps me moving; when I think about what's in store for them, and what they will need.

    BTW, I'm not judging, just asking.
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  18. SlowBro

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    In theory, yes, and it's probably the biggest reason I'm even here. In reality, I'm a shell of my former self. I knew when I couldn't make myself get up to put a plate in the sink that I had serious problem.
  19. SlowBro

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    What do you expect the elderly to do for themselves? What strategies might they use? Might be a clue to the direction I ought to go.
  20. dystopia

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    change direction

    I've read about the elderly during the Katrina tragedy. Many died. I can't advise you when i am not everything i want to be, but i know i'll fight for my family and myself whatever the circumstances might be.
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