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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by monkeyman, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Well, I finaly found a dentist that was able to get me in and pull the tooth and would let me write a post dated check, so got it pulled the other day and it is now getting back to a point where it isnt bothering me.

    I also got the pipes fixed from the tank to the pump and got the tank refilled. So we now have running water again but I did find that I have yet more plumbing to do. When the pipes froze it burst the pipe that goes to our garden house, fortunatly it was past the shutoff I put in for it so I just need to fix it as I can. Then came the really unplesant surprise, I looked under the trailer today and found out that we also had a sewage pipe break loose at a joint and dump sewage on the ground. So I will have to see about getting a LOT of water in the tank and let the tub run to rinse it away then let it dry or else get under there and shovel that 'stuff' out before I can even fix it.

    So far we havent had any more goats but THINK the other doe is pregnant and was just breed later in the season.

    Something however has been getting into our chicken house and killing chickens. We found the hole where it was going in but the whole thing is fairly easy to get into so rather than try and patch the hole right off I went out yesterday and set a locking cable snare at the hole so that if anything trys to go through the hole we should find it there the next day and can elimenate the problem. So far we havent lost anymore chickens and havent had anything in the snare, so just have to see if what ever it is has moved on or if we can get them.
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