ferFAL Some first hand experience A brief story of Argentina

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    Guess I should've quoted the post above yours...I don't really have a "dog in this fight", gotta head to ups,got enough folks pissed at me as it is (meaning.I don't need to make any enemies here)..
    FWIW: Here's a vid on "argentina 2001":

    Idon't know who "brasschhecktv" is. Don't really care it's a documntary so its biased.(anti-gov)...
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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    I had no dog at the start more or less still don't. At the start my quest was to find out as much as i can to educate myself about the 2001 collapse and find more of ferfal's writtings. After seeing how other folks have been treated by him and some of the questionable ideas and comments he has made, ive thought of getting a dog though ;P.
    least then shtf i could eat it right?[ROFL]

    It was a good movie more or less and like you said more than bias.
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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    pressure can the dog...
  4. FerFAL

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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    Those “numerous sites” you talk about, would actually be just two, as in 1,2. Frugals and War Rifles.
    Frugals y left when the owner, who runs some sort of weird cult which this Lowdown3 guy also belongs to, said Catholics were sending people to hell and it wasn’t acceptable in his forums.
    War Rifles. Among many things that looked very suspicious, I ended up leaving when the owner bad mouthed and insulted a friend of mine. As far as I know I wasn’t banned.

    I’ve never been “banned” from anywhere.
    I’ve left two places because I take BS from no one. The only place that “erased” me was Frugals, long after I left on my own.

    How could anyone think such a thing!?
    The guy (Lowdown) started a forum with my nick name so I did one with his as well so as to, at least in some way, reply to his lies.

    At first I didn’t want to get dragged into the mud, but at the end I had no other choice since the misinformation the guy was posting everywhere was spreading.

    As I posted on www.lowdown3.blogspot.com , lie lie, and people will eventually believe it to be true.
    Read it if you want to know what’s the real problem this guy finds in what I have to say.

    Unfortunately people like him do have a small (VERY small) group of followers. I know well how small this bunch of losers is because of the IP’s of the people logging into my blog (www.ferfal.blogspot.com )and the many fake names used by him and 3 or 4 buddies of his, to post insults and spam in the “comments” section.
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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    Hmmm.....deja vue for a few of us, at least with WR. I read a lot about the Frugals mass exodus, and have since quit visiting their site.

    I have enjoyed reading your posts about Argentina FerFal, and welcome to the monkey.
  6. Tango3

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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    One of lifes' lessons I seem impervious to incorporating ." You could be in a row boat in the middle of the english channel;Talk about somebody, turnaround and guaranteed they're right there behind you listening to every word..."

    Welcome ferfal...
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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    It's just been on CNN that they are nationalizing the private pensions, whoops, more money for that Government to mismanage, and at the end of the day there'll be no pension for those that have paid:shock:.

  8. FerFAL

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    Re: Some first hand experience - A brief story of Argentina

    You mean!??..[shtf]Oh yes, that.:)

  9. bclark

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    The events in Argentina are likely the very best example of the most likely serious event we might face in the US and bear particular attention. A slow slide economic slump resulting in mass unemployment and a resulting increase in blatant crime is not outside of the "very possible" realm.

    I find it amazing that so many Americans are still living by the old rules of debt and spend and never consider that perhaps the rules have changed.
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    My question is always:Why not just leave?

    Argentina is not an island. In the US, back in the 1800's, millions of people WALKED 2-3000 miles, into Indian country, with nothing but single shot muzzleloaders. Today, a proper set of gear, and some money would mean it would be no big deal to mountain bike from Argentina to the US.

    Do you know what the record is for walking from NYC to San Francisco? 66 days. On a bicycle, it's an astounding 8 days!. The guy averaged 20mph, for 20 hour days!

    Nowadays, people act as if it's impossible to travel over 2000 miles in a car, or if you can't fly there, you can't go there at all. The reality is that a shallow draft, outrigger type sailboat, and oars-rowing, will get you "around" any problems that you might experience on land, and it's not that big a deal to build such a craft, either.
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    Seems like a this thread or one very similar to this one pops up every so often on many of the prepper forums. Then someone trashes it, someone else defends it, things spin outta control. Far as me, I kinda like to think I can learn from lots of sources. Kinda pick and choose what makes sense and what is way out there.

    I appreciate the posts and seem to re-read them every 6 months or so just to remind myself not to forget stuff that I seem to forget. [dunno]

    Just sayin', yanno??

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  13. Kingfish

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    The opening post by Melbo certainly opens my eyes a little wider. I have been speaking out against Globalism(free trade deals) for a decade now. It seems they too got caught up in the cheap import scam put forward by multinational corporations and corrupt politicians . The exact same thing is happening here. Our own product exports are near non existent as we transfer our wealth to global entities who redistribute it. I t is truely a wicked game.

    Thanks for posting this. Kingfish
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  14. ghrit

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    Bump for the history and insights on economic collapse. See also FerFAL's blog.
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    All I have to say is holy c**p! What a good article. I see from all the writer said that it's all about mindset. Not to expect anything because you never know from one day to the next. Good article, thanks for sharing.
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    FerFal is seeing a resurgence I guess huh? He had fallen on the bad graces of all the board owners, for various reasons, about six or seven years ago around the same time gunkid was finally sent to jail.

    I guess everyone really is in a panic if FerFal is famous again and we're rehashing his old stories ... some of which have been proven to be, well, embellished more than a little bit.
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    I don't know exactly how I got into reading this but I have read FerFal's story for quite some time. I also read another blog (nameless) which is considered by many as "the biggest" survivalist site in the world. They disagree on a great many points. I don't choose sides and learn from both. In a word it's not my fight and I don't have to choose sides.

    I do however take very seriously what FerFal has to say about economic collapse and crime. America is not Argentina but a lot of criminals are adapting to their ways. The government and the criminal (did I repeat myself?) are in fact following well known paths. Learn and live is perhaps the lesson here.
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    Things to come and about how I see it too.
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