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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Classic story of urban survival. Whereas many survivalist writers focus on worst case, WROL scenarios, FerFAL tells of the most likely case of still having to work, go shopping, get kids to school, but in the context of much higher crime, neighborhood kidnappings, currency changes and confiscations, etc.

    I think one of his notable statements was that when you are going about your business in this collapsed world you want a semi-auto pistol you can carry and shoot while driving, not a battle rifle that will get you arrested. Of course he owned many guns but his point is about the primary utility of the pistol for ever day protection.
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    What I will always take away from any account of urban survival is ....

    Why live in or near a city if you are serious about your family's, (or yourself's), survival?
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    You have to wonder why more people didnt just leave the country? I mean, it's an overland trip, all the way to canada from Argentina. People in the US used to walk from the Mississipi to CA, in 6 months, with hostile indians, etc. If this is the only issue, a bit of camping gear, some gold coins and a pistol would be all you'd need to get out of it.
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    And just how far have you walked?
  5. From the perspective of a Gringo living in Ecuador, this is a particularly poignant thread. Ecuador is on a very similar economic path, though with historically much lower levels of violence. I fully expect to live through a coup within the next few years. This is one of the reasons I own an inaccessible cloud forest valley for my bug-out spot. If I can get my family up there with a few tools and a couple months supply of food... and if I can get in and out of the nearest town without problems a time or two to buy a few seeds, goats, and chickens, we could survive anything short of nuclear winter. For me, being so remote that would be looters are not a problem is a huge advantage and worth taking a week to hike all my supplies in. I've got drinking water, wood to build an adequate shelter, a mild climate, and a 1000' ridge forming a natural defense. Plant a garden and divert part of the stream for trout ponds and I'm set.
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    Keep in mind that growing fish is a learning curve similar to growing vegetables, which is a long learning curve as it is.
    I am learning aqua-ponics ( the combination of both) and believe me , gardening takes time to master.
    One must also plan to grow enough to can for the lean months and bad years of insects and decease delicate plants are subject to.
    I am resorted to building a green house before I start gardening agin.
    Considering the changes in climate ,I am convinced a green house is necessary.
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