Field Forecasting Course - San Francisco, CA July 2014

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  1. Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey, owner and operator of Mountain Weather in Jackson Hole is coming to San Francisco to teach a Field Forecasting course. This is a great opportunity to learn some unique survival forecasting skills from an expert meteorologist.

    While out on the trail the temperature drops and the clouds ahead begin to surround you and darken. Now is the time to decide if you can safely reach your next checkpoint or if you should change your plan to avoid the potential storm. Meteorologist Jim Woodmencey, owner and operator of Mountain Weather, has been training the US Air Force and Army Special Operations on alpine and high risk avalanche weather forecasting since 1991. Woodmencey will guide a two-day immersive experience, in the classroom and in the field, that teaches students to expertly collect and interpret meteorological data, predict and decode shifting patterns in the field, as well as interpret current weather forecasts.

    While weather reports may seem easily accessible, a broad skill set is essential when technology fails:
    1. Introductory Meteorology : Knowledge of the atmosphere, barometric pressure, orographics, cloud identification and storm systems

    2. Weather Forecasting : Interpreting satellite / radar images and utilizing weather maps

    3. Tool Proficiency & Utilization : Developing expertise in the use of your five senses addition to barometers and altimeters
    Course Outline


    Basic Meteorology

    The Atmosphere & How the Weather Works

    Air Masses, Storm Systems, High & Low Pressure

    Fronts & the Jet Stream

    Mountain Weather & Orographics

    Reading Weather Maps:

    Interpreting Satellite & Radar Images

    Other Weather Maps & Observations

    Weather Exercise - “Nowcast”

    Weather Forecast Interpretation

    Forecast Weather Maps

    Point Forecasts

    NWS Discussions

    Weather Exercise - “Local Forecast”

    Field Weather Forecasting

    Cloud Identification

    Weather Observing Techniques

    Weather Tools

    Barometers/Altimeters, etc.

    Field Forecaster’s Checklist


    Trip Prep & Field Forecasting Field Trip

    Nowcast & Forecast for Field Trip

    Update Field Forecaster’s Checklist

    Date / Time

    DAY01 Saturday 20140726 0800 - 1730 Pacific

    DAY02 Sunday 20140727 0800 - 1630 Pacific

    Location : Triple Aught Design Dogpatch Base - 660 22nd Street, SF, CA 94107

    Price : $265.00
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    Great stuff and I'm glad to see TAD here!
    Have a few cool TAD Gear items socked away from over the years :)
  3. Awesome, we are looking forward to hosting more survival and self-preparation courses. Let us know if there are other courses, teachers, or skill sets you would want to see offered.
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