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  2. Tikka

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    As the output is the same, 0bama needs an oral diaper.
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  3. Bandit99

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    Our president talking about diapers?!?! And, what about the dignity of the position he holds? Man-oh-man, this guy... November can't come soon enough!
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  4. azrancher

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    Black lives matter, perhaps instead of free diapers we should all pitch in and endorse free vasectomies...

    Oh no that's not only racist, it also sexist.

  5. BTPost

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    How about "Free Lobotomies" for Idiot Politicos.... That ought to be one of Bernie's Platform Planks....
  6. chelloveck

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    It's only eugenicist.....tends to become racist if one suggests such measures to be disproportionately applied against members of one or more racial identities over members of other racial identities.

    You can't remove what was never there in the first place.....I think that kind of measure would tend to increase the average intelligence of legislators if the procedure were applied to not a few Republican legislators also.
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  7. Legion489

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    I agree with AZrancher. If a woman is on welfare, she gets one kid. If she gets knocked up again, she has a choice, have the kid and get fixed or lose any welfare from now on. Bet that would put an end to 15 kids by 14 sperm donaters.
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  8. Tikka

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    As an Australian, you may not realize to some having babies has replaced having a job.

    It isn't a matter of eugenics; it is a bunch of children by different fathers being raised where an armed person would fear to walk at night.
    The children deserve a better life than welfare in a drug filled neighborhood ruled by gangs.
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  9. azrancher

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    You are correct this can be applied to any of the "people" who live off of welfare by having more babies.

    I disagree with this statement, it would be 15 kids by 60 different sperm donors.
  10. Tikka

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    It is just a continuation of the more free stuff mantra.
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  11. Meat

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    What's next? Free cheese? :D
  12. azrancher

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    Where's my free stuff? Free Beer first.
  13. Seepalaces

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  14. chelloveck

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    It's only eugenicist.....tends to become racist if one suggests such measures to be disproportionately applied against members of one or more racial identities over members of other racial identities.
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    I might be persuaded to agree with you, if by welfare, you also mean government corporate welfare....Farm Subsidies, being but one aspect of taxpayer funded government largesse. There are plenty of investors and corporate functionaries who grow fat on the teat of government supplied sustenance milked from taxpayers.....

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  15. chelloveck

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    I concede to the distinction....though there would be much opposition from The Catholic Church, yet another gross feeder from the Government free stuff trough......(They are exempt from paying taxes, and are exempt from public scrutiny of their financial affairs)
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  16. Seepalaces

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    They aren't exempt from paying taxes. Profits are taxed. If you're a non-profit, what would you tax them on? They aren't exempt from scrutiny of their financial affairs. They are exactly as scrutinized as corporations are if you consider their members as share holders. A lot of people harbor rather blind hatred of the Catholic church. They have done a great deal of good over the years, and no, I'm not Catholic. They are only a "feeder from the Government free stuff trough" if your assumption is the government owns everything and allows private citizens to use them. In a capitalistic system, we assume the people own everything and allow the government to use some of the resources to protect citizens in various ways. YMMV
  17. Brokor

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    Keep dreaming. I wish people were sensible, but there's nothing that really makes sense about the human race lately.
    It's bad enough when you do your taxes and you receive "tax credits" which turns into a bribe from the private IRS for having more children.

    The hypocrisy has reached the point of retardation. Welcome to corporate America, where fascism is really "free-dumb". You can reproduce like rabbits, but it's going to be curbed by poisoning the water and food supplies. Oh, you will be "treated" indefinitely, well as long as you live --which should be just long enough to make enough clones to perpetuate the slavery scheme. And onward it goes, the poor stay poor and the rich get richer.
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  18. Tikka

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    It's in the mouse trap and usually for the second mouse. ;);)
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  19. Motomom34

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    This is ridiculous. When I was having trouble buying diapers, I got an evening job. The whole issue is that the free diapers will only go to the gimme' class. This idea will not touch the struggling working calls. I would have had a half dozen kids or more but I could not afford them. I like the idea above, you only get benefits and tax credits for one child, after that you are on your own.
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  20. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I do believe that Jonathon Swift has already addressed this rather dire economic problem......

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