First 60 StarLink birds now in orbit

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    Starlink is one of SpaceX’s most formidable projects. SpaceX envisions putting up two groups of satellites into orbit: one batch of 4,409 satellites that will operate between 340 miles (550 kilometers) and 823 miles (1,325 kilometers) up. And then there’s a second batch of 7,518 satellites that would fly slightly lower, between 208 miles (335 kilometers) and 214 miles (346 kilometers) in altitude. That’s a total of 11,927 satellites all zooming over the Earth, providing internet connectivity to up to a million user terminals on the surface.

    Right now, slightly less than Vaporware, but...

    These LEO birds hold the potential for data comms world wide at a reasonable cost.

    Today, an Iridium based SATPHONE will set you back about a $Grand, a 'refurbished; Globalstar system phone, just under $500.
    Satellite Phones: Cost, Plans, Reviews, Buying Guide

    Cost per min?
    GlobalStar is $65/month with 150 mins +$0.99 per each additional min. The Annual plan ($790) works out to $0.66/min + $0.99/min after 1800 min used.

    Service area
    Globalstar - Coverage Maps

    Plans are both complicated and expensive
    Iridium Airtime Plans and Prepaid Cards
    About $1.45/min with the Basic plan at $54.00/month.

    Both offer better deals for text-only service.
    For example, the current SPOT service offering is interesting - for basic location/message/SOS service, under $12/month.
    SPOT X device $249/offers send/receive of SMS text messages.

    SPOT GEN 3 - $150 - one way messaging - OK/CHeck in/SOS

    (see Network / Satellite for coverage)
    What will StarLink bring to the table? Competition. Remember how expensive cell phone once were?
    Better coverage for another.
    Lower prices for yet another - as yet nothing has been offered as the system testing isn't complete.

    Competition will be cutthroat until some of the businesses go under...

    More here.
    Starlink (satellite constellation) - Wikipedia

    This may turn out to be a bust - or, it could allow solid text service world-wide at low cost.....
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    A.I. gone mad, The beginning of the end? It's interesting listening to people talking about making people able to link to the web with an implant or something in their brain. Maybe it would be better in a way. We have way too many stupid people. But this would open up a can of worms also. I considered satellite internet, the cost was a bit crazy. the speed and DATA limits were bad also.
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    When I was in security and investigations and the Internet was coming about a a thought. We all used to talk about what a huge problem it would be for national security. We were right, not only that it also encompasses civilian rights and lives and we hand it over most times willingly. Oblivious to the implications.

    I have a granddaughter and the parents post pics all the time. I see this as nuts. But everyone does it oblivious to the long term problems this could cause. A generation where everything about you is up for sale and documented down to what you ate for lunch.
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    so 28kbps.... email only lol for hundreds of $$$ but good if you are remote I guess and want to just talk via satellite phone

    as always good info @DKR
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