First Day of My Carnivore Diet

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    Here's the deal. I'm 39 years old and very out of shape as I've been sitting around for the last 7 or so years not doing much. I used to be in fantastic condition. I won my division at Indiana Golden Gloves at 178 pounds (that's 20 years ago next month), and I was involved in mixed martial arts, and on the USAEUR (all-army europe) boxing team (at 165 lbs). So this "large" condition I'm in isn't settling too well.

    I'm now 6'3" and 265 lbs. The doctors tell me I'm diabetic, have high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

    So today is the first day of my new diet and excercise routine.

    I'm going with an "Atkins esque" carnivore diet. Low carbs/sugars, and a light calisthenics/shadow boxing workout each night followed by a walk around the neighborhood.

    For the diet.... here's the basics.
    Keep your net carbs under 20 grams per day.
    Net carbs are Total Carbs in grams minus grams of fiber. Very easy to figure.

    I stocked up at the store yesterday in preparation. Here will be the staples of my diet:

    1) Kool Aid sweetened with splenda (1 net carb per glass)

    2) Eggs (.6 nc each)

    3) BACON! (0 carbs, but you have to be careful it's not sugar cured)

    4) Sausage (3 carbs in a half pound meal)

    5) Cheese: Muenster, Cheddar, Havarti (.3 nc per slice)

    6) Ground Beef Patties to go on the cheese :) (0 carbs)

    7) Can Spinach (6 carbs)

    8) Can Asparagus (8 carbs)

    9) Can Mushrooms (2 nc per half can) just to dress up the burgers and eggs.

    So this will be my culinary life for a while. If you've ever thought of trying a "carnivore" diet, I'll be keeping track of my progress here so you can see if maybe it's the diet for you.
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