Flesh-Eating Disease After Zip Line Injury

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Quigley_Sharps, May 10, 2012.

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    Holy crap! Something to think about.
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    Seriously though, I would be chugging colloidal silver and bathing in it -smurf effect or not, I ain't goin' out like that.

    Hrm. Do you reckon crazy smurf or grumpy?
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    Prepper smurf.

    Doesn't speak much. Has enough dehydrated smurf berries to last 2 years. He's convinced Papa Smurf is in cahoots with Gilgamesh to take over the smurfs.

    I watched a bit of this when my kids were kids.
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    this bacteria is becoming more and more common. even tho the number of cases are small in the united states the frequency has gone up. so try and stay clean.
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    I had to comment on this being from Ga and knowing of 3 other cases, two televised and one that I'm still waiting to hear about. I've spoken with a few nurses on the subject and both agreed, on seperate conversations that the good old ER could possibly has a play in all cases... I also wonder if the unquie weather pattern has anything to do woth the grown of the diease. Having a really mild winter(that may have other wise killed off most of this diease) and a very early summer (which would promote the growth and make it more accessable) could have promoted a perfect condition for breeding of this bacteria. I could be way off, but who knows.
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    Curious as the to the implication of the emergency department in the above?
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    From a doc just to add, necrotizing fasciitis and the related infectious complications are never apparent at the initial presentation. People with large wounds present right away (almost always) and the infection is not clinically recognizable at this stage. I have managed two cases of nec fasc. that started from a simple scrape to a hand and arm respectively so size of the would in not a factor. Thousand of HUGE lacerations are managed in the ED daily all over the world. There is no "further evaluation" that could or should be done at the "initial" presentation of a laceration (assuming these are board certified ED docs, which many hospitals require these days). It would be nice to see better details of the initial treatment, but copious irrigation and local exploration under local anesthetic, plus/minus an X-ray for foreign body is the standard of care. Closure with sutures/staples is also indicated in all but a small fraction of cases.
    This is why on discharge instructions, if they are worth anything, they always should warn of returning if increased pain, swelling, redness, etc.
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    It is an interesting question. Many of the bacteria that can cause necrotizing fasciitis are probably on your skin right now. So, to attribute ERs in the causality is presumptive and definitely premature.

    Check this out ( -link- )....the brain is good at making connections even if there is no causal relationship.

    Here is a list of other tricks the brain plays on us.
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    Have you gone to the ER germ pool lately? I don't think it is at all presumptive not premature. I don't think it would hurt to investigate what all of these cases have in common. Seems, at this point, the ER. If you think about it, the ER sees it all! godbless the medical and other staff on the front line! I wouldn't count the ER out just yet. I got a MRSA from my hospital after having a c-section....
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    Yes...every week. Have you? What is your medical background to support your professional opinion that it is the ER to blame? No need to answer, it is a rhetorical question.

    Again, I think you're ignoring the statistical facts: there are hundreds of these types on injuries that show up in hospitals on a daily basis. It is akin to the ratio of daily plane flights to the number of crashes.

    I'm sorry to hear that. Cesarean-sections are one of the highest risk operations for SSIs (surgical site infections), but the MRSA BSI could've come from any number of things...IV, catheter, the surgery, the anesthesiologist (if you got an epidural). This is called a nosocomial or "hospital acquired infection," as opposed to a "community acquired infection."

    If they were all seen at the same E.R., I would agree with you, but there are just too many other factors involved to make such a definite statement.
  14. CATO

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    10,000 germ species live in and on healthy people

  15. northga

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    If you read my initial post, I stated that, "I had spoken to a couple of nurses". Besides, I really don't think a person must have a medical backgroud to have an opinion on a medical issue or topic! I'm sure you have had opinions about issues that you had little to NO "background" in. Down boy! Just wondering if the ER could have played a part in this, not saying it did or did not! No, I'm not a doctor nor do I work for the CDC! Just had an opinion---really just a thought...but nothing to get your tighty whities in a wad. ;)
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