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    Yes I know there are several topics that mention Forward Looking Infrared Radiation, but does anyone have one that they can comment on. Looking for a rail mounted gun sight, I have a Fluke Ti10, which is good for finding hot conductors, hydronic pipes in the slab, not much good for finding deer outdoors. I have too many PVS7's and will get rid of a couple to partially pay for this new toy.

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    Nobody has used a FLIR scope on a rifle?

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    Only on some MIL rifles I have shot. Nothing available to CIV.

    I believe FLIR(the company) has one. I will do some checking.
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    If you are not aware DVOR a division of Optics Planet is have a sale on Thermal rifle scopes now.

    If you have not signed up Yet(its free) if you use this link and buy something i earn a few $$ and it does not cost you anymore. Then once you have an accout, you can pss your code onto your friends.
    Join Now for Free!

    There is just a little over 2 days left on this sale. With DVOR something are really great like a ACOG I bought for $650 that goes for $1200 retail.

    See The Heat With Thermal Vision
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