Flooding in Iowa - pictures

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by slots, Jun 20, 2008.

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    I drove through Cedar Rapids on Tuesday 6/3/08 on I-380.
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    Excellent find, Slots!!
    Pic 1) just amazing, far too near for me mate
    pic 3 ) frightening, reminds me of a scene from a film?
    pic 7 thru 13) very sad
    pic 14 ) why? just cant get my head around them "cozzers" doing that, is /was there something going on that wasnt seen in the pic?
    pic 15) very sad!!!, just taking what they can.
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    Great pics until I saw the one at the checkpoint. Looks like Katrina all over again, when do the gun confiscations begin??? I can understand trying to keep people out of an area that is unsafe, but to pull a pistol on them and possibly shoot them for that is ridiculous. Yes, they are putting themselves in danger going in, but they at least have a chance compared to having a trooper pointing a pistol at you for wanting to go back to your own property. I know they said he bumped the trooper with his truck, well how else are you going to get someone to move out of your way?
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