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    When I first got a NV rig, I strapped it to my head and went out back to shoot the walther. I found that I could not set the "up Close" focus to see both the front and the rear sight at the same time, let alone the target.

    I see in the ANVIS Trij Refles pic in AR15 forum, that the focus is set far... too the point of 'washing out' the AR The Triangle reticle is still clear however and looks good against the truck

    My focus question for Sniper-66 is this:

    When you fly under ANVIS goggles, I assume you have your focus set to infinity or close to it. This would allow you to see the ground. What do you do when you need a quick glance at you instruments? Dial it down?

    I know the idea behind our modern NV is small, compact and light weight. Do you think we'll ever see an autfocus like on a digital camcorder?
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    Yes, we set the focus to infinity. We don't have to look inside very often as we have HUD or Heads Up Display injected into the goggle image like this:

    If we do need to look inside, we simply look under the goggles. The tubes should ideally be 25mm from your eye, hence the 25mm eyepiece. We use supplemental lighting in the blue range so that it doesn't disturb the goggle, and that is how we read our maps. That help?
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    Very Much. Thanks
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