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    Even if one doesn't follow the news it is very obvious that things are getting tough. Fuel prices, gas and diesel, seem to be up on average of 3 cents per DAY in this area, regardless of whether the crude market is up or down....not good. Last trip Mrs S and I took to the market we noticed huge price increases again on staple items in just a two week period with milk going up 30 cents in just two weeks alone. We have more and more people coming into my work place begging for work, more than I have ever seen. Just curious at to how are things in your neck of the woods? Even the "blindest" folks are starting to wake up a little I think. Looks like a rough year ahead, very rough.
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    Almost every day I put $500+ in my truck luckily I'm a company driver so the company pays for the fuel. But the fuel surcharge is being increased so the price of everything that is shipped (which is basically everything) will continue to go up. Untill the cost of fuel goes up enough to reduce useage then the cost will continue to go up.

    BWM [peep]
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    Yep, those fuel surcharges are getting up there big time. Even the "dyed" farm fuel is around 3.499 over this way. Farmers are feeling a huge pinch right now after buying fertilizer and farm fuel. I have heard several smaller farmers talk of shutting down farming all together. Bad deal.
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    I expect it to get worst not better. This country needs fuel to run. Yet the PTB appear to be on a mission to reduce this country to a 3rd world nation. I believe that it can be fixed but it will take about 6 years. An that is only if those people in DC start doing things right. Personally I like the odds on the lotto better.
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    Ha...I bought lottery ticket's today...and if i win i should be able to fill up my truck and buy a can of bean'

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    Yes, the effects are real and the price increases have taken a serious toll. The final result will be a complete economic collapse; this is the goal. This isn't going to be an overnight occurrence, and this is why so many "experts" refuse to acknowledge the reality we face. This slow, downward spiral will continue until it reaches critical mass. Even the best forecasters will tell you it is somewhat uncertain to label the final factor before complete collapse, but the major warning signs will be sharp fluctuations in the market coupled with the loss of the dollar as the global exchange preference. All this aside, I don't think it's highly important to even focus on this; right now we are all feeling the effects, some more than others. This will continue, undoubtedly and gradually. The incremental changes will ultimately bring about an age of utter disparity like never before seen.

    If the people ever do rise up and revolt, by the time they realize how bad it has become, most likely it will be too late for any good to be done, as the corporations move in with their government minions to control the population. A poor and desperate people are more easily controlled, as history has shown us. Without proper weapons, communications, organization, and logistic support, the people are made ripe to be corralled into zones, frightened and become most vulnerable. Some will claim that the situation we see in Egypt, Libya, or other countries is an indicator of how we can expect a revolution to occur in our own nation; it is important to keep in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups who rebel against "tyranny" are often times spurned by CIA force multipliers and funded by black ops programs to begin with. A true, grassroots revolt is never as easily managed, without proper organization, and against a superior enemy such as a military and police force with unlimited budget --it becomes nearly impossible at achieving success.

    As long as the people remain divided, abandon all hope.
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    Here, gas up another 3 cents and diesel up another 3 cents as well today. Observed "branded" milk today in a store for $5.98 per gallon. Rough.
  8. Wolfgang2000

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    Surely you jest? (sarcasm) If the people rise up won't NATO send jets to bomb the tanks and create a no fly zone????
  9. Brokor

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    hehe, yeah.

    On another note, we also have a great deal of potential; united, we form an impenetrable force. We seriously outnumber the tyrants. This is why it has been so important for them to spend this much time and effort to divide us and dumb us down. Never forget that we are the arbiters of freedom --and it is we who shall once again restore liberty after the smoke clears.
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  10. Gordo

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    Yes I think Brokor has the correct handle on the situation.
    I also appreciate the sarcasm in Wolfgang2000's NATO comment.
    I thought exactly the same thing.
    If a mass group of "armed rag-tag protesters" were marching on our Capitol in Australia, in order to overthrow the "unjust Julia Gillard dictator", would NATO declare a no fly zone and begin to attack the nations military and Police who were defending parliment house...
  11. BAT1

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    I'm concerned if it hits five bucks a gallon the dollar will collapse.
    Nation wide protest = M/L and U.N. 'peace keepers.
    My current priorities are stocking up and moving stuff out to the remote locations.
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    Yup, totally agree. Also didnt head honcho state somethign to as its the right of the people in libya etc to fight for there democracy or was it egypt. either way we social networks were used more and more in the states I wonder what the attitude would be from the hill on down...[booze]
  13. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    we bomb them for attacking the protesters, but we jail our own for doing the same?

    ... anyone else see the problem with that?
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  14. VisuTrac

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    Just a note. There is no way the UN peace keepers are gonna come here. We ( the citizens of the us), as soon as we saw the blue helmets roaming the streets, we would say sweet, Target Practice. There are way too many guns for some outside force to 'in their right mind' want to come here and patrol the streets.

    We have too many pig farms, swamps and wood chippers to dispose of the bodies in. Their families back in Lichtenstein will never know what happened to their kin.

    Invade us = you got a huge problem
    impose martial law = you got a huge problem
    you ignore us = you got a huge problem

    unless of course the population is fat dumb and stupid then we got a problem. Hopefully there are enough out in the wild to keep the goobernments on their toes. Oh wait, the government is paying us with our own money, kind of like in the middle east, we will pay you to remain calm so we can develop our exit strategy. Something is brewing, what i don't know but i feel an ill storm a brewing. WTF did we even decide to join the libya thing? like we needed another war? Wag the dog time.

    Yep, I'm paying 3.65 for gas, and maybe 3.50 for milk. not happy about it but their really isnt too much that the govt can do about it. it's all about how strong our dollar is and oil being valued in dollars. If opec switches to Yen or Euro pricing. then we are effed.

    just a few years ago 1 dollar was 120 yen. Looked at it today, only 80. so we lost 33 percent, how about the canadian dollar. it takes 1.03 USD to 1 CAD. Yes folks our dollar is becoming weaker daily. Unless the govt makes some hard choices to get the fiscal house in order. we are f**ked. Just saying.

    Back to your regularly scheduled program
    mine silver
    grow your own food
    buy a diesel and learn how to make your own fuel

    Maybe i shouldn't drink barcardi 151 and be playing on survival monkey. But i am. Peace out!
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  15. ghrit

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    "We" didn't. Glorious Leader evidently acted on his own.

  16. VisuTrac

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    'We' the stupid sheeple voted numb nutz into office and gave him the power to do so. So we now need to see if congress will follow suit 'We' the sheeple voted them in too. if Congress decides to tell the president that this 'police action' or what ever they want to call it is not going to funded by us then finally someone will have grown a spine, otherwise, it's business as usual in DC. God love the service men and women. I think there are a lot of them as angels in heaven, but i bet there isn't a single politician.Thank goodness.

    In my opinion (we all know about opinions) our country isn't much better off than a 40 plus year dictatorship. Same people powerbrokers behind the scenes, just different front men. Republican or democrat same bunch of idoits using our money to pay us to be docile.

    who said it? The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money. My fellow simians, I submit that the republic while not completely dead is on life support.

    So collectively 'we' joined the effort to control libya's destiny. but that will probably get screwed up too, if history is any indicator as our politicians couldnt pick a winner if it were a 2 horse race and one horse was lame with a fat jockey.

    I think i should pass out now.
  17. Spartan300

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    This administration does indeed have one unusual energy policy huh? We do not allow American oil companies to drill but not only promote, but partially finance Brazil to drill...even in the Gulf. Make sense huh? Of course we were told by Barrack that energy in the U.S. would "necessarily" go up. I guess he is sticking to his word gang! By the way gas up 4 more cents Friday here, and diesel up 5 more cents. Sweet.
  18. TnAndy

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    Our Glorious Leader is a puppet on the end of some strings pulled by the military industrial complex along with the Israeli have they all since the "Kennedy Memo" went out.
  19. ButtWhiskers

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    Interesting that the other commodities are basically tracking with crude... Usually, when crude oil gets spendy, many of the other commodities drop as manufacturing demands diminish. Looks like these prices might really be a reflection on confidence in the dollar... Better go trade more FRNs for beans...
  20. ghrit

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    Those would be tampon strings, I'm pretty sure (or maybe suppository retrieval devices. Astounding.
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