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    I have just read a couple things this morning that is disturbing:

    1) Because of the weather and other issues, the world is going to have food shortages:
    Global food chain stretched to the limit - Business - Consumer news - Food Inc. -

    This blurb supports that statement:
    Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots |

    2) OPEC thinks the world can handle $100 fuel and won't meet again until summer.
    OPEC ministers say world can handle $100 oil - Business - Oil & energy -

    This is obviously a bad recipe as it takes fuel to get food to markets. If both are in short supply and demand is high . . . well, you get where I'm going. On top of that we're looking at hyperinflation as icing on the cake.

    I really wish the U.S. would use food as leverage against OPEC in situations where they play hardball. They live in a desert and have to import their food. It's a little sophomoric, but I think OPEC can afford to buy $100 loaves of bread. Maybe even barter food for oil...a loaf for a barrel. This is tongue-in-cheek, but this is worrying me. I don't have all of my stuff done (I'm very new to this "prepping" lifestyle...I finished 'One second after back in Sept. and haven't been normal since. I've just finished Patriots and just started on my signed copy of Lights Out.).
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    Just a note; 240 pounds of rice, 50 pounds of Pinto beans, 10 buckets (5 gal.), and 10 lids. will total out at under $200. bland as hell, but it beats starving. You can't squeeze more bang out of a buck.
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    dont buy buckets

    I get my 5 gallon buckets free fromthe bakery department at the local store. There donut frosting and filing come in the buckets
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    That's the plan. Starve the people and make 'em go broke. When they get desperate enough, they will accept just about any form of rule and law that offers a solution.

    Reminds me of the 30's.
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    I can tell you first hand that this is BS.

    Are food prices going to rise? Yes. Is there a military order from the top to do anything about it? No.

    The future CoS was in my building just 2 days ago. The biggest thing for the the Army at the moment is the leadership challenge of DADT being repealed.

    Who thinks this sh*t up?

    ETA: There is a fundamental problem with using EU Times as a source- it's not reliable. This is the second time it's been linked here lately with some outlandish claims. Similar to this one:
    The main problem in the linked article... we don't have 1 million troops.... DA. Even if we did pull our entire VOLUNTEER force from overseas, we wouldn't have 1 million troops and US troops are extremely reluctant to do anything against US citizens. It just ridiculous. Me thinks the "Russian intelligence source" they always quote is a crack head.
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    That is actually how we started "saving up" 10 or so years ago. It's a great base to build from as time and resources arise. Adding dried peppers and spices to the mix does wonders in the short term.

    Whatever wild greens your area has and whatever meat might be afoot add flavor and variety until crops can be established. We live in an area of abundant fish and game...and an environment that will not be overly kind to the unprepared, so we can really rely on that at least initially. Those in a city have a whole nuther set of needs (like GTHO)...
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    This is exactly what we are doing now. Teamed up with an LDS as work. We have quite a bit of rice. Some beans. More beans and wheat are next. Spices are an excellent idea. I think I will do that.
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    We worry the sole focus on greenhouse gases and the unwise reliance on imperfect climate models while ignoring real data may leave civilization unprepared for a sudden climate shift that history tells us will occur again, very possibly soon”, ICECAP.
    I grew up on a farm…. not that I know 1/1000th of what farmers know but…. whacky weather seemed to always help crops I know are cold weather crops like cabbage…. broccoli…. and cauliflower while hurting warm weather crops while alfalfa and wheat were always tricky and this is a peek at how tricky wheat can be, Winter Wheat Production Manual: Chapter 12. Something else I’ve learned from growing tomatoes which are a warm weather crop like soybeans, rice, and corn is that…. temps don’t need to get anywhere near freezing once they’ve started active growth to totally wipe them out which reminds me of all the crop failures earlier in 2010 down south and out east and along our western coast as a result of wet and cold weather then the wave of crop failures across Russia for wet and cold weather and that reminds me of growing up and the dairy cows we had. One thing about colder weather that always worried my family was if there’d be enough hay and silage to make it through spring. Dairy cows eat more in colder weather….they need more energy to keep warm and…. healthy and… producing milk. Livestock eats more to stay warm in cooler temps… just like humans. Something else that worried my family was winter kill of hay which brings me to what many of us need to know and understand…. almost all “staple” food crops are RoundUp ready; soy, corn, beets, and on and on and on. These patented GM “staple” crops are herbicide dependant…. that’s what we’ve been selling and growing to “feed” our huddled masses as well as to “help” “developing” countries…. most seed sold is patented so farmers can’t even save it and some of the seed is terminator seed which truly makes my blood boil but…. there are very real “issues” applying herbicides at lower temps. Here’s the basics on some of the “issues”, ISU Weed Science Online - Effect of cool temps on herbicides. Now think of the millions and millions of acres of RoundUp ready GM crops that we’ve allowed to replace crops of the past that were the result of traditional breeding programs that weren’t dependent on herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers.
    The real disaster for all of us isn’t a cycle of warming but a cycle of global cooling…. "global" reserves are low after last year.... millions will starve if crops continue to fail and livestock dies from "whacky" weather. That being said…. does it matter who thought this crap up…. we’re all in the same boat. We have to learn to adjust our sails even when the powers that be won’t…. we have to live more sustainably and we have to learn to grow more of our own food organically.
    [FONT=&quot]Guit_fishN> nice thread. [/FONT]
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