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    Thanks for posting this! I have for quick reference printed out hard copies of their reccommendations for 2 people, 4, 6, and 8 for my survival file. Also emailed this to others.
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    I'm glad I helped.

    If the site "dies" the easiest way to find the calculator is to search for LDS food calculator.
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    This is awesome! Thank you for posting this.
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    To what time period does this apply?

    I find myself somewhat confused by a table that calls for 300lbs of grain, 60 lbs of legumes, 60 lbs of dry milk and 14 gallons of water per adult...
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    I think that should be a 60 Day, or two Month supply... but even 5# of grains/day is a bit over the top.... Or, maybe that is a Months supply for a family of 4 persons, two Adults and two kids.... Someone should look for a division error in the spreadsheet..... YMMV....
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    Thanks BT...I agree it looks like 60-90 days, but I still have a problem with their water calculations (I specified one person when I filled it in). The dehydrated food items listed will, at least by my calculations, use more than the recommended water ration to cook...without drinking water included.

    The reason I belabor this is that, when we decided to go heavy on dehydrated rice and beans, we took into account that it would substantially increase the need for clean water...and I do not see that reflected here.
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    My Mother, (long since gone) an Old school RN, (Nurse) and Depression Era Prep'er, ALWAYS said that a person NEEDS 1 quart of water per day, minimum, to sustain health. This did NOT include Active Physical Exercise, and Sweat Loss, due to over-heating. When my siblings, and I, were to sick to go to school, we were given 2 quarts of water, that had to be drunk, in 24 hours. Worked well for us, as children, and worked for the Old Man as well. Mom would make sure that we were Hydrated, as that was one of the easiest, to fix, and most likely primary cause, of our Immune Systems, not functioning, at peak levels, in her mind. My wife, (Momma) also an RN, of the newer School, was also raised in a Prep'er Family, and her Maternal Grandmother used to say the same thing. Momma has ALWAYS used that protocol for our children, and so do they, when treating our Grandchildren, for common aliments, like colds, flu, and upset tummies, etc..... .... YMMV.....
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