Food in Stock and ON SALE, buy now or whine later.

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by HK_User, Sep 30, 2015.

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    As a general rule, one can get MH for about 30% give or take 5% off the retail price several times per year from several vendors. The ones I have found with those sale prices are Ready Made Resources, Safe Castle and The Ready Store. Several of those sales end tonight.
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    This was on,
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    Now that I have all my carbs, fruits, veggies, water and other staples stocked up, I am looking for quality proteins. I have plenty of tuna, nuts and such, I am trying to find meats and meat based products in long term shelf stable packaging. Yeah, I've tried Yoder's products but the wife and kids were turned off by them - too much grease and pain in the but to get out of the can. I'm looking for products in retort packaging - preferably preservative and BPA-free. I've heard there are companies specializing in this but only found one -
    I initially thought it was the fed gov FEMA selling products but after looking over their website, it looks like a pretty slick marketing maneuver. I'd like to know if anyone else has heard of this company and if anyone has tried their goods. I plan to make a large purchase with the right company but want to make sure my $$ is well spent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looked at the site. I don't consider $1 per slice a good buy on bacon, or $10 a bowl for chili a bargain. I have multiple tons of stored food, less than 10 pounds of FD real meat. Since I don't know how long I will be dependent on food storage I am going vegan except for what I kill, can myself or buy as canned goods. $55 will buy one can of FD meat or a whole lot of rice, beans, and cornmeal. I would rather see my grandkids eat rice and beans for a month than steak for one last meal.
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    Well, I took a chance and bought a package of ready-to-eat bacon from that site. Took 5 days to receive it. Packaging is extremely tough stuff. Bacon was thick, not greasy and cooked like I like it - crispy but not crumbling. Counted a full 80 thick slices (thicker than anything I've seen yet) and bag was right at 30 oz on my old scale. Family scarfed it all up like beef jerky. I only got 3 strips. Now I need to order a case or 2 then hide it from the family.
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