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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Huntinbull, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I remember seeing many moons ago, a company selling 5-7 gallon buckets with lids that screwed on and off? Think that they were called gamma lids? Anyone have any experience with this type of container? Looking for some food storage ideas. I have been collecting mason jars for a while and learning some canning techniques. Looking for some resealable storage containers for bulk food items.
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    I know 5 gal buckets with gamma seal lids are a favorite over at, often combined with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. I've not been able to find the buckets/lids (made with food grade plastic anyway, less of an issue if you're using the mylar) at a decent price, though some people have had success at finding used buckets at bakeries and the like.

    Alternately, you could use stackable 5 gal water storage containers like these: 5-Gallon Stackable Water Container, but due to the size of the mouth, they're best suited for pourable items like grain.
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    Little better pricing at this site.

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    Come on folks. Money is tight. Why give excess amounts away to places that gouge you on price. When I linked to the site immediately above and saw the price, I thought, "are you kidding me?" Then I immediately typed, "cheap gamma seals" into my search engine and came up with this. How about 12 gamma seals for $63. Cheaper yet in larger quanities.
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    I am beginning to think that my computer hides things from me. I search for things and have trouble sorting through the results to find anything useful. You guys hand me GEMS! Thanks for all the help.
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    Hey, no problem, it gives me something to do. Keep asking. I got more time than money or energy.
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    Supposedly the 5 gallon orange buckets at Home Depot are food grade and BP whatever free. I usually buy 10 bucket and 10 regular seal lids for $35 plus tax. I don't use gamma seals on everything. Usually only after busting a bucket open or for items frequently used.
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    The foodsafe buckets that you get at grocers (free) have a good rubber gasket seal. A mallet will will seal them.

    I know of a couple examples where these were used for long term storage. Upwards of 15 years with no ill effects. No use of mylar or O2 absorbers required. I know that goes against the general accepted knowledge of food storage on most prep sites, but you have to remember that those that are pushing the O2 absorbers and mylar are generally selling them ;)

    Of the two examples I know of, one was an LDS who picked up 15 year old food from his parents' place. It was still prime from being stored in a cool, dark place. The second example was 10 year old storage in less than ideal place- a hot storage container. The food had changed color a bit, but was fine and edible. Neither had bug / rodent issues.

    All my food preps of grains or beans are in plain foodsafe buckets described above. We rebuilt our stock after I came home last year. All stock is in prime condition after that one year.
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    Those containers are just that--containers for other containers. Be they one or several bags or what ever. I dumpster dive for 5 gal. sheet rock putty buckets, pickle, and or pudding/icing buckets at delis or resturants. They are free and work fine. Most have a rubber gasket. I use two food grade clear plastic bags to put goodies in, fill them with Argon(Nitrogen/CO2/or even O2 absorbers will work fine), and seal them with twist ties seperately. The Argon is much heavier than air and will never leak out. It is dry and an inert gas so bacteria, molds, fungus, and insects will not live in it or bother the contents. They stack easily and are easily moved. Will not rust or corrode and if kept out of the sun should easily outlast all of us. Mylar is super but it is a permanent seal-twist ties can be reopened and the bags reused. Now is the time to be buying wheat. Put up as much as you can handle. A bud nearby has a seed cleaning business and fills my 55 gal. barrels for wholesale prices. Then I can put it into what ever is needed. Another trick is to get square plastic milk crates-- they hold four (three sometimes) one gallon jars. They then can be stacked and are secure. Jars also can be picked up from resturants/delis for free. In about a monthA(and maybe 1/2) corn will be harvested. Get a load of it also. With grains, oils, salt, etc. one can survive. Powdered milk (gosh it has gotten high)(whole milk is the same price) will make lots of pastries, breads, etc. Get ready for the long hard "winter" coming. It may last several years and probably will. If in the NC/SC area please come to our Oct. gathering. We will have a couple of classes on preps again.
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    Good job Tac. I actually drive past this place on my to/from work every day and didn't even know about it.

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    I'm a cheap so and so...

    Long term storage works fine for me with the snap on lids and a line of silicone at the bucket ridge (not rim, ridge below rim) or even a line of paint over where the bottom of the lid meets the bucket. I have opened many buckets that were sealed for 10 years and have had no problems with air getting in.

    If the bucket is open and being used, the super seal is not needed in my experience. Just pop the lid back on.

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    The Gamma seal lids are great! Any bucket that is in normal rotation has one on it. I've used the tool to get off the other lids, but it's just a pain, plus you eventually tear up the lid.

    As I get older, the little comforts make a difference. This is one of those comforts, not to mention my wife would probably divorce me if I got rid of them. :rolleyes:

    I just put my last 2 on, so I guess it's time for more.
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    Part of my reasoning for using the gamma lids is so the wife can access the goods inside without the possibility of destroying a lid. She has trouble with the regular lids on buckets. I also wash and re-use the 4 and 5 quart ice cream buckets for short term items. Sometimes siliconing the lids on single use items or items that one use empties or negates the bucket.
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    I have two dogfood containers with gamma seals. Before we put dogfood in them, we put bird seed in them and they really did work at keeping out the yuck. Nothing attracts Yuck like bird seed.
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    Does she have fingernails? Boy can I relate to that!

    We use lots of ice cream buckets too... well, we did in the past. Now, all of their bottoms are cut out and they're protecting my tomato plants.
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    My wife actually suffers from Fibro Myalgia. this causes some weakness/tenderness in her extremities. She does have longer fingernails, but isn't afraid to break them. she is pretty down to earth about most stuff, willing to dig in and help and get her hands dirty.

    Love that woman of mine!
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    I love gamma lids and am going to buy some more. Thank you to tacmotusn for the link to a more budget friendly supplier. I can't open the other lids even with a lid tool and shouting for my son or hubby gets old.
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    Most all my buckets have Gamma Seal lids. IMO they are worth their weight.

    The regular air tight bucket lids are OK, but if you open them enough with a lid tool they tear. I don't have to worry about that with Gamma Seal.
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