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    There are loads of food in the wild and/or outdoor terrain, a few of these are pine trees: You can cut to the cambium layer in a pine tree and you can either eat it raw or just cook it for a better taste (maybe add salt to make chips but is not required as, because you are in a survival situation..). You can use the pine needles and boil them in water to make tea that is loaded with vitamin C but take them out of course or you might find it very unpleasant.

    Dandelions: You know the yellow flower that weeds just about everywhere you go? They are edible the whole flower to the leafs and root. The younger leafs that are just sprouting taste better as they are more sweet while the older ones or already grown ones are bitter-tasting but on the whole they are edible and have a decent amount of nutrition. Bears scrounge on these all the time as they are mostly scavengers than hunters.

    Insects: Please don't forget about insects/bugs as only a few are poisonous compared to the ones that are!! Ants, worms, even moths, are examples of edibles. For myself i would rather fry em up in a pan and maybe add a seasoning if you have any with you but are fine as they are or without season. You can dig in the dirt to find these bugs, look on trees, by natural water sources, plus sometimes on rocks or under them.

    These are just a few and maybe it helped if you didn't already know, But the ones who are willing to do this will most likely be the one's to survive in a survival situation for longer amounts of time.[shtf]

    If anyone wants please mention other natural edibles so others can learn for last resort foods!!
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    I have trophy sized elk, deer, and antelope, and the odd javelina...then there's snakes! Snake jerky? No pines....what is called salt or scrub cedar and junipers, all less than 16 ft tall...Rabbits (cottontails) up the wazoo! Wabbit stew!
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    if you experiment with eating bugs and grubs COOK THEM. Yes they are edible but can carry really nasty (read deadly) bacteria.

    Edible common plants include plaintain, common dock, and cattails too.
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    Common nettles are store houses of protein and vitamins. They lose their "sting" when you boil them and are a good pot herb.

    Violets are good too, meadow lettuce, purslane, false bamboo, ramps, morels, chanterelles, hen of the woods, and chicken mushrooms. The common orange lillies of the field are food too. The buds can be rolled in cornmeal and fried.

    If you want to hunt mushrooms<<PLEASE>> find a knowledgeable friend to teach you!!!! Of all the thousand types I still only pick the fool proof ones.
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    Pokeweed (aka Polk weed or poke salad) is good as long as you get the baby leaves (pick in early spring before the plant gets very tall). Pick from an old plant, and they are poisonous. Always cook the leaves, and never eat the roots or berries. I've heard the roots and berries can be used in herbal medicines - but I never learned how.

    That being said, poke salad and tomatoes cooked into scrambled eggs was a tasty staple for us when we were growing up.
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    That sound goood
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