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    There are moments when time stands still, moments when the earth seems to stop revolving on its' axis, when the sun disappears from the sky, the stars are extinguished and the moon drops into the abyss of a far off universe. Times when the air we breath ceases to exist as we hold our breath, waiting, just waiting. There are moments frozen in time and burned into the personal history of our lives.

    But we live with courage and we survive, changed forever but going forward for those who cannot
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    RH, you have a beauty of expression that carves gently though the soul like a river carves the land, taking small pieces of everything it touches and leaving traces of everywhere it's been. Thank you , my dear friend.
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    RightHand! Thank you so much for writing this for me...I only just noticed it! Such beautiful thoughts, I am touched to my soul. I have so many sad moments and the tears are never far away, because of my daughter's passing. But as you say, I go on...because there is no alternative. She has left behind her children and grandchildren who also are grieving and miss her deeply, so I cherish them in her place and also will treasure the animals she loved and left in my care. The thing I miss most is the laughter we shared....there is not much of that left in my life now. Self-pity does no good though and I try to think about all those sad millions around the globe whose lives are so very much worse than mine.

    Thank you again for these lovely thoughts. Hugs and God Bless.
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