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    Not half bad, here's how it seems to break down.....

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" />275 Servings
    All Meals 100% Vegetarian and Vitamin Fortified
    Sealed in convenient Weather-Proof bucket for easy transport
    30 Servings - Potato Bakon
    25 Servings - Corn Chowder
    25 Servings - Ala King
    25 Servings - Cacciatore
    25 Servings - Western Stew
    25 Servings - Country Noodle
    25 Servings - Rice Lentil
    45 Servings - Whey Milk
    25 Servings - Blueberry Pancakes
    25 Servings - Barley Vegetable
    Total Weight: 23 lbs.

    So, it looks like basically,
    75 servings of main entree
    130 servings of side dishes
    25 breakfast servings
    and 45 servings of fake milk.

    Considering, in most pacages, I find it takes TWO servings to make a decent meal, this reduces the meals to.....

    37 main entree meals
    65 side dish meals
    12 breakfasts
    22 servings of that fake milk.

    Still, I do like the storage time for the package. If stored in a garage or storage buildidng, repack it into metal cans. Rodents will go through the plastic pail like a hungry laser.
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