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Discussion in 'Peak Oil' started by Suerto, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Suerto

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    For those of you with any interest in this, I ran across this blog, that seems somewhat educatedly informative.. And they track laws, lawsuits, issues, that have come about the fracking phenomenon that may be occurring in your area..

    | Water Contamination From Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing)


    Although I'm in the industry, I do have a conscience concerning it polluting peoples lives, land, and ability to provide for their families..
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  2. ghrit

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    Looks to me as tho' you are on the right path, even if that law firm isn't. Scare tactics to attract clients is all that blurb is.
  3. BTPost

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    I find that most anti-Fracking sites are woefully behind the technology being used in todays Industry, and fear mongering, using old and outdated issues, from the past. Most Fracking is now being done at much deeper depths. way below Any Water Table or Aquifer. Now I am not current on the exact technology, being used today, but I do know the Geology is much better understood, NOW then it was just a few years ago. The industry also has learned from past mistakes. ...... YMMV.....
  4. Suerto

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    from some of the studies I have read, theres something, somehow, leaching into the aquifers and its similar to the same chemicals used in the fracking fluids..

    whether it happened or is still happening, is a moot point. The chemicals are in the aquifers and its just something to be aware of.

    I am awareing myself of it, because I am moving to a state where this is documented, albeit, not near where I am moving, but all the same.

    I once thought it improbable, as you do, BT..

    But I have seen WITH MY OWN EYES, where a frack job over 2 miles away, interfered with the well that I was currently drilling.. This has happened twice to me, in the past 2 yrs..

    So, I'm just throwing it out there.. I'm not advocating for or against, I just thought this blog was the least sensationalized argument I had read, concerning the matter.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I must move on to my fluoride and monsanto conspiracies.. ccc
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  5. Gator 45/70

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    I would be interested in hearing about the Interference ?

  6. Suerto

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    damn gator, your johnny on da spot with that "liking" stuff..
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    Just call me ''Johnny'' lol...B.T.W. Congrat's to T-Bell (y)

  8. Espada

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    The Gestapo EPA, with its 22-year-old Harvard graduate "expert" fanatics, are onto the evil oil industry like hungry chickens on a Junebug.

    "Fracking" occurs 2 miles below anybody's water well depth. In between are 2 miles of solid rock.

    You people who fall for the hype... may you freeze in the dark while waiting for Obama's Green Salvation.

    Are any of you aware that in some cases involving vertical drilling, DIESEL-BASED mud is used instead of water-based mud, and has been for fifty years, without a single"environmental complaint ?" You worry about unidentified but "bad" chemicals the New York Times has inferred, but diesel is habitually used in many situations ? Get educated before getting adamant.
  9. Suerto

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    Dude, did you even read my post above? Before posting?

    2 of us, on this thread, are in the oilfield.. And if my Internet hadn't gone out due to solar flare interference, I had the 2 well examples of documented fracking operations interfering with the wells that I were drilling

  10. Suerto

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    WTF is getting adamant?

    I been around diesel based mud since 1980.. For your info..

    And there are documented cases, one that I am intimately knowledgable of occurred in Geuydan, 1996, injection well turned the farmers rice orange.. due to upward seepage..

    Just sayin..

    Cool your jets before pointing fingers and calling names..

    T-boy.. ;)
  11. ghrit

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    Frack fluids have been improved rather more than a little bit recently, at least up thisaway. There were, in the early days, rather more nasty stuff in them, and the information was "proprietary." These days, there are requirements for disclosure, including proportions. If they aren't lying, the additives are nothing more dangerous than what's already floating around your house, including wetting agents (surfactants, another word for soap), some anti-bacterials (like in your swimming pools) and a spot of acid (so dilute that you can drink it.) Less than half a percent by weight, at that, of the added materials, the majority of which is a "proppant" to prop open the fractures induced by fracking.

    Well "interference" is usually interpreted as communication from one well to another. Up here, there has apparently been some of that, but all in the productive strata. One of the results of that has been much more extensive seismic surveying to show existing faults that could communicate. And it doesn't matter to the land owner, he gets paid on what comes out on "his" well. In PA, the "Rule of Capture" is a long standing set of legal precedents, and hangs on from the days when water wells (and oil wells) were into sands or aquifers that freely allowed the product to move from place to place all on its own. This situation does NOT exist in tight shales. If the gas should somehow escape into a neighboring drilled unit thru a natural fracture, it would be up to the lessees to work it out between them; if it went to court, the "Rule of Capture" would kick in and the guy who was losing his gas would lose the case. Now, how that might affect the landowner is unclear to me. In any case, with laterals on the order of a mile long, and with the usual layout of end to end, it seems less likely for that to be significant. If adjoining units have parallel horizontals, the risk is still low.

    So far, the problems that have been exposed between residential water wells and gas wells are not confirmed as caused by gas drilling or fracking; that battle has not been won. (Dimock is the case in point.) This area is rife with well contamination by natural gas (and sulpher) migrating out of the coal mines and other sources that pre-exists gas drilling. Some wells MAY have been improperly cased and sealed at the penetrations thru the bottom of the aquifer, so far not proven as widely occurring (if at all) to anyone except the NIMBYs and OBBYs.

    That's how ghrit sees it, YMMV.
  12. Suerto

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    Holy crap!

    I work in the industry and just post a "neutral" link to a somewhat informative blog with actual data...

    And now I'm labeled a NIMBY?


    But yeah, what I was reading is that Colorado and Wyoming are experiencing cases of gas and chemical contamination in thier aquifers near extensive fracking areas..

    Nothing conclusive, just coincidences that are being hyped up for support of an agenda.

    Although, I revert to my original stance, there's some crap in the water, how it got there is a moot point.. I'd prefer to not drink crappy water and would like to be aware of its crappiness, and was sharing this interesting information (once disseminated) that could be useful to others who may be living in these areas, or have/plan on BOL there. ;)
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  13. ghrit

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    You ain't a NIMBY, obviously. But they are out there spreading bad info; that link was hardly neutral. He's an ambulance chasing mouthpiece for hire.

    [bow] Gotta love all roughnecks, pipeliners, and boilermakers.
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  14. Suerto

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    I had a response typed up on my computer, as soon as I get the Internet back, I'll post..
  15. Gator 45/70

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    I would not say NIMBY...
  16. Suerto

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    As neutral as you could get on the interwebz.. lol

    I got some proprietary info, it's not "that bad" in an industrial sense, but still not stuff I'd like to drink or bathe in. ;)
    just sayin
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  18. Gator 45/70

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  19. TheEconomist

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    The laws are different from State to State and us being in Pennsylvania or New York and some of the lucky ones with saine laws.

    My brothers is an attorney for a major natural gas corporation and he is BY NO MEANS biased. If you would like me to I could get his take on this.

  20. ghrit

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    I'm aware that the Rule of Capture doesn't apply in all states, and that the provisions vary where it does exist; I have no idea if it applies in NY or the other Marcellus states. Dunno, and for my singular selfish purposes it makes no diff.

    We have a couple of other monkeys that might be affected by the gasicane, they (of course) should do their own due diligence. It's of academic interest only to me what things look like in, say, the Haynesville or Bakken plays.

    Your brother is probably well aware of, but if he isn't, he might like to have a look at it for the perspectives of us on the ground in the middle of the play.
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