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Discussion in 'Peak Oil' started by Suerto, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Espada

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    Jets cooled... maybe got a little to "adamant" myself - just get terminally urinated when some people who get their petro-science from the New York Times jump the evil oil industry, which has fed my family and paid my taxes since I was a roughneck on High Seas (inland barge) Rig 16 in the Atchafalaya between semesters... back about when Christ was a corporal !

    Hope that seepage didn't spoil any of that great "popcorn rice" the mill in Gueydan sells -
  2. Suerto

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    It's all good espada, I felt and still feel the same way to an extent. In every industry, you get some extreme for/against stance, and the media/extremists/govt will latch on and use it to advance thier agenda..
    When in fact it's not like that at all..
    At the same time, I've seen some stuff that makes you question how they get away with it..

    Good example that you may be familiar with is "swamp people" or "black gold".. Same principle, different agenda being pushed (IMO)

    The suit made it to fed court and the business/well was shutdown and the farmer was paid.. No fanfare.

    Would that barge rig happen to have been a mallard?

    I am 3rd gen oilfield, and worked a little in seismic, production, mostly now in drilling..

    I see that you served in the marines, during Vietnam, did you go through boot camp in SC or SD? My grandfather was a drill instructor in SD during that time.. Hebert, re-activated after getting outta Korea..
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