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    Their post for today is well worth reading. In short don't blame anyone, they are all the same DO SOMETHING!
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    Do you have a link by chance? :)
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    MUST BE AN EMAIL not on the web yet
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    i did find this old one that hit me hard...mid 2014

    "Hello, Frank here.

    Let's talk. Since my name is not Fern, then this article is going to have a slightly different slant to it. This is going to sound like a rant, because that's what it is. Rants are not always organized and structured or in a pleasant flow. So, please bear with me.

    I read lots of stories, articles or other rants that believe that the collapse that's coming will be similar in nature to the collapse that occurred during the late 1920's. Okay, some of my numbers here are not going to be precise, they are going to be rounded off. Maybe up, or maybe down, but you will get the general idea, if you have the ability to think. So, if I say 70% and it was actually 60% or maybe 80%, then please bear with me. Remember, this is a rant.

    Back to the late 1920's. The population of the United States was much smaller than it is today. The majority of the people still lived on a farm, let's say 80%. Therefore, 20% of the people lived in
    larger cities. Now remember, people in rural areas did not have electricity in the 1920's or 30's. Most of the people in rural areas raised most of their own food. Summer, winter, spring, fall they ate what came out of the earth. Many, many rural people were what we would call today, dirt poor. My information source here, was my father. He and his brother did not wear shoes for most of the winter and never wore shoes during the summer. So, he is my source of data, along with census data.

    So. Most people lived in the country. Most people raised their own food. Most people didn't have electricity and everything that is associated with electricity. There were significantly fewer people in the United States. And many current authors tell us that we will get through this next depression or collapse or tyrannical government or whatever you want to call it, just like we got through the 1920's collapse.

    Now let's look at today. We have a much larger population. That means more mouths to feed. The vast majority of people live in cities or suburbs, which conversely means, that very few people live in rural America, or on
    the farm. Almost everybody has electricity. So, what does this mean? Since the majority of people live in cities, that means that few, if any, raise their own food. Few or none, know how to preserve their own food,and all buy their food at the grocery store. Now those few that live in the country, are not living on a farm. For the benefit of discussion, yes, there are a handful that still live on a farm. But how many of that handful continue to raise all of their own food? Of that small handful, how many know how to preserve their own food? Get the picture here?

    It doesn't matter what type of shutdown, collapse or apocalyptic event is GOING to occur, there is not going to be enough food to feed the
    massive numbers of people, not even remotely close. Even in rural areas, extremely rural areas, most people have no idea how to raise, process and store food. And now, throw into the equation, there won't be any electricity. So, all that meat you have stored in the freezer on the top of your refrigerator, sitting beside the popsicles and burritos will turn into stinking mush in about three days.

    Ladies and gentlemen. We are in significant trouble. Let me say that again. We are in a situation that we cannot recover from. I know folks that say
    that they are going to go live in the forest and live off the land. Wake-y, Wake-y here fool! I know veteran, hard core, experienced hunters that laugh when they hear people say, and pardon me, unbelievably stupid things like that. There are many, many stories about mostly men, that have gone out into bush Alaska and had something to prove. Somebody normally finds them later. Going and living in the woods and hunting and feeding your family is not going to happen.

    Remember those people in the cities? They're just going to go out and live with somebody in the country. A farmer, right? I hope they like 10,000 acres of soybeans or corn or milo or even wheat. They don't need a farmer, what they need is a gardener and most farmers don't raise gardens because they go to the grocery store and buy it.

    Before the shortages of guns and bullets lots of people thought that the idea of survival was who had the most guns and the most bullets. Some of these people watch way too much television. I know people that have never shot a gun that were buying guns and bullets. Like others write, buying a surf board, does not make you a surfer. Buying a gun does not make you a hunter, or give you the ability to pull the trigger when you need to. These are false delusions of illusions.

    Look at some of the facts presented above about population densities, and food production or preservation. Don't get me wrong. I like guns and I like bullets, but I like shovels, hoes and seeds a whole lot better. I have even known people to buy these cans and five gallon buckets that have these survival seeds packed inside and they
    wouldn't no more know how to raise a garden than they would to fly a space shuttle. Can they learn to garden? Yes. Can they learn to fly a space shuttle? I guess so. I know 80 year old women that still wonder why their tomatoes make one year and the next year they don't and they've been gardening for 65 years. I'm not saying that a bucket full of seeds is a bad thing. That reminds me. Where is my seed catalog? But gardening is an art, a skill, not something to be mastered in one year. The person that thinks they are going to raise a garden and produce food for their family in one year, got off the same bus as the guy that is going to go live in the forest and feed his family.

    I hurt for those that can't see or feel what is coming. There are signs everywhere, just look around. Our economy is in dismal, dismal shape and I live in a part of the world that is in pretty good shape. Look at society. Look at the stuff you do see on television or read in the news. Society is collapsing. The EBT cards shut down for a few hours. Can you imagine
    what society will be like when the EBT cards shut down permanently? Our government leaders. Look at what's happening in state capitals around our country. Look at some of the things that are happening that our parents and grandparents would have never thought possible. There is a term called 'normalcy bias'. Basically, this means what we learn to accept over time as normal. Our society is in serious, serious trouble. There are things that I cannot say in this blog that when I was a child, people went to jail for, what today is normal. We have perversion crammed down our throats everyday. This is normal.

    Okay. Let's see. Our economy cannot be saved. Okay. Next. Society
    can't be saved. Our political arena is unbelievably corrupt and is a massive cesspool. This next statement is only going to be said once, listen carefully. Christianity is under attack worldwide. That means here, in the United Sates, Christianity is under attack also. The future does not look good for it's survival. Pay attention. We are under attack.

    Now, let me go back to the first part of this rant. Many writers will tell you that we survived the Great Depression and we will survive the next one too. And these are the people giving you the bad news. Not to mention those that are telling us that everything is okay and that "things are getting better". I borrowed that last line from the Postman. Folks, we are in serious, serious trouble and I really don't know if we are going to survive this. The world is not going to be the same world when this thing happens. Hold your family close. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and temporally and with the help of God we will do the best we can.

    That's it for now. Maybe we'll talk more later. It's time to wake-y wake-y.

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    Well I keep telling people, over and over and over and over, it doesn't matter what you think will destroy the country/world/whatever, it doesn't matter if it is nuclear war (Japan), armed invasion (Philippines/US west/Aztecs) , eCONomic collapse (1880s/1920s Depression), famine (Ireland/India/Russia), or something else, historically, they ALL end the same: the prepared and lucky (which generally means "hard work and being at the right place at the right time" and no, that is generally NOT you except in your dreams) will survive, everyone else is SOL.

    Go look at the number of people with NON-gov't jobs. That is what, 10% of the US pop.? In a lot of Demonrat controlled cities and states the gov't to non-gov't workers/jobs is worse than that. Other than pimping and drug dealing I mean. Go do a google search, it is easy to find.

    How many people get a GOV'T check? Garbage man, mail man, SSI, SocSec, disability, welfare, WIC, food stamps, Title 9 low rent, veteran-VA, city council, mayor, county commissioners/comizars, state rep, state senate, federal House/Senate, prez (no need to point out the current one never had a real job or other than gov't housing and STILL doesn't have a real job and STILL lives in gov't housing), tax breaks for buildings (Wal-Mart)/bring jobs/whatever, grants, student loans, library workers, parking meter readers, cops, judges (although they get their retirement from the fines they slap you with - go look it up), school teachers, university profs (That's not public money! That's TAX money! - Yes one University Prez actually said that in court when sued), well the list is endless, so let's just say that 99.999999% of the public gets SOME sort of gov't hand out some how.

    You think that 99.999999% of the population that has NO clue how to do ANYTHING FOR THEMSELVES, who have NEVER been somewhere where there was not a faucet to get pure drinking water, who have ALWAYS flipped a switch to get light, who have NEVER lived with out a furnace to stay warm, never did hard/manual labor, had a garden, went hungry, are just going to roll over and die with out trying to take you with them?! You think that garden will save you? The masses that are swarming out of the cities and eating everything like locusts (go read about the famines, they were eating grass and tree bark and each other, although that last part has been RUTHLESSLY edited out of most histories. Look at Donnor Party/Andies soccer team plane wreck for most common examples) will just magically go around you? That the cops/military will just dry up and blow away, or will they turn on everyone/anyone who looks like they got something (too many cases to list, just look at the Hurricanes on the east coast where the Nat. Guard did the looting and raping and Katrina) and come take what they want/you got?

    There are things that I cannot say here, that when I was a child, people went to jail for. There are things that I cannot say here that when I was a child, was normal. The inmates run the looney-toon bins. Look at the Missouri state University Prez that was forced to resign because some idiot CLAIMED someone yelled something (what is unclear, the story kept changing a few times), at some time (ditto), at someone (persons or persons unknown) and the poor little loser felt "unsafe" and the college prez "didn't do enough" to make the poor little idiot feel safe. So the football team refused to play and all the "teachers" (I use the term lightly here) went along with it. We have rioting in the streets and the National Guard is told to allow it (LA/NYC/Miami/Ferguson) while people are murdered (Reg Denny anyone?) or burned out (I loved the one where the Ferguson rioter burned his OWN house down - he claimed he threw the Molotov-cocktail through his OWN window by mistake, he thought it was someone else's house - and because the fire dept was busy fighting other fires HE started and couldn't come put HIS house fire out, that was "racism" and he was going to sue!).

    Vote the scum out of office? HAHAHAHAHAHA! They are ALL bought by the same group(s). Look up who (or what) gives to ALL politicos! Big Oil, Big Ag (Monsanto), Big Pharma, Geo. Soros (got his start selling out other jews to the Nazis for a cut of the profits), etc. They ALL give a few million to ALL politicos. Look at Jeb Bush, LAST in the polls, with what, 3% of popular support? and spends money like a drunken sailor and we are told will be our next prez, if Hillary doesn't pull a Vince Foster on him? You think they are handing out millions for nothing? Not hardly!

    Well just got told to shut up for now.
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    Yes that one and this week they had one by plantlady as well that made me shake my head yes as I read it. Not really a rant or a lecture like Rawles, but a comment about something and a suggestion on at least getting the right mindset. Not the newest thermal rifle sight, but how many kinds of plants can you bring in from your garden in the fall and get a few more weeks out of them in the greenhouse. The best part of the blog is "well that doesn't work for me and why it didn't". I think the most important knowledge in any survival blog is the level two knowledge of your fellow members. It is painful and expensive to make mistakes in learning to be self sufficient now and could be fatal in TSHTF. There are hundreds of books out there on survival. If any one of them had all the answers, they would never need to print another one. Our genes and our elders used to teach us that if you were walking through the jungle and out of the corner of your eye you saw something orange move, you ran. You didn't stop and look, look it up on you cell phone, say Who is there etc. If it was an orange flower or leaves, you missed seeing it, but if was a hungry tiger, he had to look somewhere else for supper. Always remember that the old farts sitting around telling the stories may not sound like much, but for some reason or another they survived and are around to tell them. The ones that didn't survive tell no stories. No one other than God knows all the answers, but all of us have over the years learned something in some one area and well that doesn't work may well be the best lesson they can teach us.
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