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    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so feel free to move if this isn't appropriate. I've been following "Pam's Pride Recommendations" site for about a week now, and figured I'd pass this resource along in case any of the rest of you are interested. It's a blog wherein "Pam" sifts through Amazon's free offerings from a prepper/survivalist perspective, and every day posts the titles that might be of interest for those of gearing towards self sufficiency. I figure I can save all kinds of reference books (and a few fiction books as well) on my toughbook and have them available for future reading.

    Since August 26, here is a list of books I've downloaded for free, based on the listing on Pam's site:

    1. Weekend Homesteader: May
    2. Tips On Potting Veggies In Small Spaces
    3. Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the U.S. Dollar 2nd Edition (Surviving in the New America)
    4. FOUND IT ! Introducing Geocaching To Kids and Families
    5. Cooking With Honey: Healthy Honey Recipes
    6. "Be Prepared" The Basics (Knowledge is currency)
    7. Redecorating Your Home on a Budget - Volume 6 - Home Offices
    8. Make Your Own Soap the Easy Way: Your Complete Guide to the Art of Soap Making, Including the supplies, lye, process, homemade tips and soapmaking recipes
    9. Easy Food Dehydrating and Safe Food Storage
    10. Tasty Tidbits of Casseroles! (Easy Cheap Comfort Eats)
    11. Delicious Chicken Dinners (Delicious Dinners)
    12. Understanding Turmeric - Turmeric Recipes for Real Health Benefits
    13. END: An Apocalyptic Anthology
    14. Homemade Jelly and Jam Recipes - 35 Recipes To Make Delicious Jams and Jellies from Scratch (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks)
    15. Raised Bed Gardening 101
    17. How to Feed Your Dog and Cat Its Natural Diet
    18. Vegetable Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces
    19. What is Stevia? - Benefits, Side Effects, Growing Stevia, Recipes with Stevia
    20. No More Late Nights! How to Get Rid of Insomnia, and Sleep Like a Baby
    21. American Legends: The Life of Sitting Bull
    22. Slow Cooker 101: Master the Slow Cooker with 101 Great Recipes
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    This is exactly what i need. Thanks! I'm especially interested in the gardening ones. I don't have a yard so I've always wanted to get into small space gardening.

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    Great find! Thanks!
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    Now that I have a Kindle, I have WAY too many books to read. It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. It's even worse if you have Amazon Prime. There are several more listed in this article: Kindle Survival Books.
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    I follow her too and I think last count I have near 2000 books!
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