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    Free stuff

    Free samples/stuff {F/S} are a cheep way to add to your preps. Even if the product is not one that you would use it may still have trade value.
    The problem is finding F/S. Some web sites that say they offer F/S are in fact just a means to gather information on you. I have tried a number of this kind of site and have of yet to get to the end of the questionnaire. Also some web sight that say they offer F/S are gate ways to other sites that are offering the free sample the problem is most of the time I have found the web site is out of date and the F/S are no longer available.
    This is a site where I have gotten a number of F/S of various kinds . The site is simple to use and shipping is rather quick.
    Does anyone else know of any other sights that offer free samples?

    Hannu's Boatyard
    Free Boat Plans

    Free online books.
    THis link is not working. I do not know why but I will check every day and when it starts working I will let you all know.
    It is working now.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    Thanks for the site to the free stuff
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    The evil WalMart also gives away samples. Every 10 days the samples change. Go to, scroll down the left margin to In Stores Now and go to free samples. The shipping is usually pretty quick and there is always something usefull!
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