Free Speech: It's What Your Forefathers Ordered

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    In today's world, we are each responsible first and foremost for ourselves and our families, just as it was in 1776. Our nation (these United States of America) was established not only to escape the tyranny of King George and Monarchist England, but to lay the groundwork for a unique society that could keep its minimalist government safely chained down and promote the maximum amount of liberty for its people.

    YouTube - ‪Proof: Freedom of the Press is Almost Dead‬

    I do not know what the future holds, at least not in precise format like a prophet or a teller. I know only what I have been taught and have learned through experience and dedication based on the principles and guidelines of decency which has been shared with us in our founding documents and relative,, unfiltered history. It is true that some of these patriots, our forefathers, had been slave owners and did not specifically outline the equal rights of women from the onset. This does not mean we cannot improve, at least in sensible fashion, what has already been wrought. I believe, in some ways we have already done so.

    But there is still much work to be done. It all starts with us.
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