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    Hope this is in the right place:

    You can download a free survvial & preparedness inventtory spreadsheet at my blog This spreadsheet has been donated by who sells a variety of information CD's and DVD's related to survival, preparedness, and firearms.

    This is NOT spam - just thought other members here may find the spreadsheet useful.

    The file requires MS Excel or openoffice to access and use.

    Take care -

  2. melbo

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  3. melbo

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    Just had a chance to look at the spreadsheet.

    I like it and can fill in what I have and need but it really should have some pre-filled lists in the tabs other than food for those new to filling out their stockpiles. It's a little odd that they pre-populated goal amounts but left the items blank in the rest of the tabs.

    Good start for those already ahead of the game but I'm not sure the value to those new to this. Can we modify it?
  4. RightHand

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    I agree with melbo - it's a simple spreadsheet that eliminates the setup work but without being populated with starting lists of items, it doesn't have too much value to those just beginning preparations. I have been bringing quite a few newcomers to our philosophy of preparation and always send them melbo's food storage planner.

    The new one could be used for newbies if someone takes the time to begin the requirement lists. It's a good starting point. Thanks for posting the link
  5. Rourke

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    It certainly can be modified.

    Good advice....

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