From Freedom to Fascism - Aaron Russo

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by melbo, Feb 5, 2011.

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    One of my all time favs.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    An illuminating video, for sure. The excesses of the Illegal Revenue Service is become legendary. [shtf]
  4. Dunbar

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    Have not seen this video. Very disturbing.
    Thanks Melbo[kneelsuckers]
  5. UGRev

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    OH MY GOD!!!!!! I don't think I can get any more angry. I will never get anything done this week while I stir over the 40 ****ing percent that gets STOLEN from me.
  6. melbo

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    Yes, that animation of the IRS % / shakedown is one part that everyone should see.
  7. Brokor

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    Welcome to serfdom in the 21st century.
  8. capt45

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    I use it to teach my US History students about the Fed, money and the Bill of Rights.

    Sometimes, they 'get it'.

  9. melbo

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  10. Equilibrium

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    Ron Paul files a Federal Income Tax return. I understand he must because he’s not an “average” American from the private sector but a “public servant”. I can't help but wonder why those who leave public office continue to file tax returns?
    Reality check...

    “average” American is not in a position to slap down a 50k retainer even if lower courts hadn't left us at the mercy of a jury of our "peers" conveniently provided with “instructions” from a Judge who will be pulling an "Indiana Jones" making it up as he goes to ensure that Supreme Court decisions as evidence aren't allowed. I respect Mr. Schiff but…. he’s an old man whose children had long left to start lives of their own when he chose to take a stance.

    The former IRS employees stated they hadn't been filing returns but....Aaron Russo never made any such statement. It's been 5 years since this video was produced.... why no update?
    How many here from states that did not ratify the 16th amendment DON'T file tax returns and how exactly would one go about dealing with those 1040 forms employers mandate we complete so that they can remit our "fair" share on our behalf? What about the withholding??? It would appear opting out is a luxury only available to the self-employed such as that CPA Joseph Banister
  11. Byte

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    There is also a book called Cracking the Code posted around here somewhere. Research what the feebs have done to the author's life. They will not be put off. Their very livelihood depends on the rest of us bowing to their whimsy.



    Sorry for the rant but, myself getting ready to bend over and file this week has placed me in a rather bad state of mind!
  12. Equilibrium

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    Your rant is perfectly fine by me.... actually I'd prefer more folk be upfront so I don't feel like I need a super duper decoder ring interpreting posts.
    I'm having a particularly bad hair day today so you verbalized more concisely what I was trying to convey to the "Average" American which I suspect is most of who registers here.
  13. Byte

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    Oh and I have been reading Spooner the past few days so there's another reason for my ranting!

    You can read the published parts of No Treason here:

    Lysander Spooner – No Treason No. 1

    Here is quite a nice collection of liberty minded links:

    James's Liberty file collection index

    That should be a good start for anybody trying to decide what liberty means to him/her self.

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