Front Sight Diamond Membership "Final" Sale

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    [1/1/12 - There will be Diamond Memberships still available for a while since many bought extra to sell later, possibly for quite a bit more than they paid. I can still get some for the same price for a while, but they'll be more scarce as time goes on (PM me if interested). It's hard to say what the new membership entry cost will be - could be less for all I know.]

    [Looks like I have until Midnight 12/31/11. I'm happy to say there has been good interest.]

    Front Sight is selling the last of Diamond memberships for $250 through current Diamond members. With a Diamond membership you can take almost all the courses listed on their web site as many times as you like - you just need to register a couple weeks in advance. (

    I can get these through 12/31/11 if interested, but PM me before Noon because we'll have to work out payment details.

    What's the catch? Nothing that I know of. Like many others, I'm hoping they can stay in business for a while. I've really enjoyed taking the courses and meeting people from all over. I paid $500 for my first course and bought the Diamond membership later on for $500 (which I thought was a super deal). Even if you could take only one class, you'd get training worth a lot more than $250, in my opinion.

    Some of the courses have certain pre-requisites such as passing a course with a certain level of proficiency. Also, there's a yearly $50 background check fee.

    There are 2- and 4-day courses; weekend and mid-week courses. Handgun, rifle, shotgun, automatic weapons, and other.

    Most of the people taking the classes are from the western US, with Californians probably being the largest group.
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