Funny video but it has a point.

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  1. One simple thing:


    Well hidden from any who would take them.
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    Nice video! Sitting on the porch with a shotty. That's how I would do it.

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    I like it!
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    i dont agree about the precious metals. ya cant eat it, or burn it in a generator, or use it to build shelter. things like ammunition, food, even alcohol are things that will be worth having post shtf. whos going to buy your precious metals from you? the bank? HA! what do you think youll be paid with for your gold and silver? dollars? lol. better to have stuff worth trading for. precious metals aint it imo.
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    You can't eat money either...
    PMs are for those who want to protect their wealth from going away if/when the dollar does and hold onto that wealth until the next currency comes along. If any of you think a catastrophic SHTF scenario will last forever, you need to study history a bit more.

    Mad Max was a movie.

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    I guess one would need said wealth in the first place. I would be happy to have survived, and would apply my skills and trade to make my way in life just like before shtf.
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