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    September 13, 2006

    Future Prep - Part I

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    The question of how to prepare for the future is a question that comes up often. In the light of current developments and global trends, massive changes are now occurring around the world that will make the issue of personal survival a critical priority. This blog has documented many of these global conditions that are now converging together into a frightening, catacalysmic future that will severely affect every living human being on the planet.
    A great many people are struggling with what personal preparations are necessary for their future survival, what can be done, what should be done and even when to do it.
    Some important points to remember -

    • What we do - will be what enables our kids and our descendents to survive.
    • What we don’t do - is what will condemn our children and our descendents to lives of extreme poverty and difficulties.
    • The longer we delay - the more difficult and expensive it will become. In the not-to-distant future, it won’t be even remotely affordable.
    • We are ultimately talking about the very survival of the human race - the problem is that serious and far reaching.
    What it’s going to take to survive for the next 10 - 50 years? In my opinion, quite a lot. Everything we have taken for granted about life, living, civilization and society is no longer assurred. A devastated and blasted planet is rejecting its human host and the threads of civilization are snapping everywhere you look. What we are witnesses to today is just the beginning of a long decline, slow or fast, that will shatter our common futures. Of this I am absolutely certain.
    Warning signs are being posted daily by eminent scientists, researchers and analysts around the world. Global trends in economics, environment, energy, culture, politics, freedom and even the world’s oxygen supply are ominious.
    The very life systems we depend upon are no longer a certainty. The only certainty there is will be change - massive change disrupting the ‘normal’ ebb and flow we are all accustomed to. My prediction about the future isn’t based on anything more then an examination of history and the present and current trends. It’s fact, it’s not a prediction at all. It’s supported by scientific fact and evidence that is now cascading forward, warning the world of what to expect.
    How to best prepare for this climate of change isn’t an exact science. We will all wind up doing whatever it is we can do. But I contend that what we do right now is what will make the biggest impact of all on our chances for survival.
    I hold no illusions about my own chances, or that of anyone else actually. Even the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. But chance is a fickle thing, and why tempt fate?
    I suspect my thoughts on this subject are a little more then ‘ahead of their’ time on three issues. First of all, it is nearly impossible to tell how things will actually work out. Climate is one of the biggest unknowns. We only know that climate change is swingly wildly in direction of extremes. Whether drought or deluge or thermohaline or global warming (all related), the global climate change will dramatically effect present and future life on earth. However, drought is the real problem that we’ll have to deal with in North America.
    Secondly, the rising fascism and police state tyranny and tactics could go in several different directions. A civil war could erupt in America over lost rights (eventually) or even an immigration war could spark a martial law crackdown. More likely however, is the civil war will erupt over lost priviliges and possessions (see below). Increased acts of domestic terrorism, real or fabricated, could generate a massive federal backlash upon the average citizen. Gauging what happens in a future police state isn’t an exact science either, however, the past and current trends does give us some insight.
    Thirdly, the massive energy collapse that is already now underway will preempt everything else. Our civilization existed on a sea of oil, which has now reached it’s peak and is headed for a severe decline. Food, agriculture, transportation, distribution, commerce, production, mining, everything requires huge volumes of oil. The global infrastructure is headed for a severe collapse, taking the economy down with it. Even worse, is global starvation as a result. Few understand the intricate links of oil to food production, but estimates run as high as 5 out of 6 persons will die as a result of the energy collapse.
    There is no substitute for petroleum in our oil-soaked world. Nothing even remotely comes close to meeting the global energy needs. Alternative energy, nuclear, solar, wind and even methane hydrates cannot even begin to meet the energy requirements to maintain our present civilization. No techno-fix is available. Energy collapse will be swift, certain and global.
    I suspect my thoughts are controversial, but they are beginning to take hold around the world as other people study the issues and connect the dots into a coherent picture. Not everybody has the ‘doom and gloom’ outlook I do. I’m not going to even bother to defend my point of view as I find this an exercise in futility. If you’re not already listening and aware of the current events and trends that are now taking place globally, then being told how to survive them won’t make any sense to you either.
    Choosing a lifestyle path that will assist your future chances of survival is critical in my opinion towards increasing your chances and that of your family. What you do right now will make the biggest ‘controllable’ impact in your life. The rest is entirely out of your control anyway.
    And there are a lot of myths out there that I really have to laugh at. I suspect that many of them are written by people who have absolutely no practical experience in the things that they are writing about (survival). One writer believes that you don’t need to prepare, just “survive” (somehow) and “pick up what you need” after the die-off happens (including skills, apparently). This approach will certainly get you killed, which may be the real agenda of such advice.
    Refugees do not fare well in any situation. Deliberately and knowingly putting yourself into a refugee status is suicide. And right now, refugees are taken care of by the larger society (if possible), which may not be the case in the future. In fact, refugees may be the ‘plague’ of any remaining society and will be exterminated or forced into concentration camps. This is not far fetched at all - this has happened all over the world already. Throwing your life away to chance and an unknown future is like giving up the controls on your car at 80 mph. What the hell do you think is going to happen?
    Okay then, leaving aside the mythology of ‘modern thinkers’, let’s categorize some of the issues we’re going to have to deal with.
    The global economic meltdown is already underway. You will ‘need’ to cope with this on several fronts. Your income is dwindling and your purchasing power is going to be drastically reduced, rapidly. Right now, higher gas prices are being reflected in the cost of everything else, but we’ve yet to see the real impact of this. The housing bubble is set to implode, devaluing real estate dramatically. The derivatives market is grossly overextended, further excaberating the world financial situation.
    As the economy melts like the glaciers in Greenland, it’s possible that a tsunami sized event will trigger a massive freefall. I can think of several such event possibilities, but I don’t know if they will happen or not. Nuclear war would trigger such an event. Pandemic, sudden climate change, plague or even war. As they say, it’s not “if” but “when” the global economic meltdown starts affecting you. The how it happens isn’t particularily important on a personal level.
    So get debt free as quickly as possible. I repeat - get debt free if you can. I do not believe for a moment that the greedy bankers and mortgage companies will ‘forgive’ your mortgage just because everyone else is also failing in their mortgages. A global meltdown will NOT protect you from your financial obligations. It didn’t during the Depression and it won’t now. Moreover, money is the motivation and the grease behind the capitalistic economy and it won’t be abandoned just because there is a global or national or even regional economic meltdown. We are at least a generation away yet from abandoning capitalism, much more suffering will be in order to reveal to our thick skulls it’s dangers and destructive practices. Capitalism is at the very heart of why we are facing a global resource shortage and dangerous climate change.
    Liquidate unnecessary assets. Look around and identify all the superflous junk in your life that is only being held onto because you forgot it was there, or you thought it would be a ‘great investment’. The decline in purchasing power is making some (not all) of these investments a losing proposition already. The goal here is to free you up from your worldly attachment and responsibilities, get out of debt and generate some cash so you can buy some of the things you’re going to need.
    Relocate to a sustainable location. If you live in the desert and are dependent upon outside sources of water (such as the Colorado river system) that is now drying up, you’re in an unsustainable and unsuitable location for future climate shift. There are many reasons to relocate, this being just one, but water is going to be a HUGE factor in the future. Get near plenty of fresh water. Lowland ocean property is going to be flooded (rising sea level) and hundreds of millions of people are going to be forced to relocate, driving prices higher and higher. But you can’t drink salt water or raise crops with it, so find an area that has plenty of natural river systems.
    Water wars are the wars of the future. Some really stupid legislation is trying to be passed (or has been passed) to prevent you from gathering your own rain water, or is taking total control and ownership of all the water in wells (even drilled on your own land). You’ll have to either ignore this, move, or defeat this type of garbage. Water is life and in a continent that is going to dry up, it will become extremely important to your survival. You will be reminded of this daily, so plan ahead.
    Sustainable locations also means an area where there are already trends for self-sufficiency in growing, transportation (a big one), recycling, public awareness and power generation (wind, hydro, nuclear, but not coal or oil or natural gas). These areas area already far advanced over other locations that are still too dumb to realize what’s happening.
    Finding an area that presently offers a good growing season is essential, but you will have to judge whether or not if it will remain a good growing area due to climate shift. You might have to move again.
    The local and migrant population of the area will need to be examined for numbers, safety and sustainability. Can they feed themselves? Cities are a prime example of this inability, requiring massive inputs of food, energy, water, fuel and supplies to simply exist, day by day. Rural areas that provide small populations, self-sufficiency (or potential), plentiful water, and fuel (heat fuel, such as wood will be essential). ​
    Climate Change
    Climate change will affect everyone, everywhere. Signs of the times and the future are already being felt around the world with massive storms, hurricanes and drought. Global climate models reveal that many areas will suffer drought, others will be flooded and some will experience wild swings between wet and dry (including massive snowfalls or none at all).
    Climate change will also make or break the global or national economy, depending on how fast we manage to adjust, if at all (it is somewhat doubtful we will be able to adequately adapt). But the world prices in essential goods for your survival will continue to climb as climate change causes increased expenses in everything.
    Lowland sea coast will be indunuated with rising oceans, forcing hundreds of millions to relocate. In some parts of the world, entire nations will be engulfed by the rising seas. Thousands of islands will simply disappear, island relocations have already started in several countries. There will probably be time to forcibly relocate most of these people, but where and what to feed them as their local and regional and national economies collapse will be difficult.
    Expect food prices to continue to skyrocket literally out of sight as climate change impacts global food stocks and growing areas. Dwindling energy supplies will also excaberate the impacts in agricultural costs, processing, transportation and distribution. Experts agree that food will one of the most severely impacted global resources on the planet. Massive, worldwide starvation is expected, with 5 out of 6 individuals facing violent death or starvation.
    Climate modeling is not an exact science since we do not understand all the mechanisms that affect climate fully. But we do know several very important factors. The global climate can change extremely rapidly (in one year or less). It’s historical impacts have already destroyed a great many civilizations before ours. And human-caused climate change is a fact. Continued exploitation and destruction and the resulting pollution of the worlds remaining resources is magnifying the problem. Because of this general awareness, expect restrictive legislation impacting heating, transportation and useage of certain products (oil, gasoline, diesel, chemicals and certain gasses).
    Carbon dioxide is a big factor in climate change, as is methane. Businesses, industry and the ‘consumer’ will be deeply affected by forthcoming legislation that dictates how you live, eat, drive and work as a result of human-caused greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere. The easist way to cope with this is to make the adjustments now to a low-impact, sustainable lifestyle. You will already be ahead of the game when it becomes mandatory.
    Police State / Tyranny
    The growing fascism in the US is in it’s infancy, really, but will undoubtedly (imo) become significantly worse. Governments do not relenquish power easily (or at all) until they are forced to do so (we’re talking revolutionary style force). The road to fascism is a one way street too. There will be no turning back now, which can only happen upon the ashes of the old.
    Increased surveillance, investigation, ‘thought crimes’, RFID (radio frequency identifiers), human implants, cameras, legislation, militarized police force, federalization of local, regional and state police, massive budgets and more bogus ‘terrorism’ false-flag events will continue to increase the goosestep into a fascist empire of tyranny.
    It’s effect on you will be far more noticable with mandatory demands for ID (Real ID comes next year), registration of guns, children, invasive “census” reports, increased infractions for online comments and thought crimes, repressed dissent and protest, more extensive “free speech zones” encompassing entire cities, more police presence at all public venues and transportation, ‘turn-your-neighbor-in’ programs with awards and cash bonuses, more seizure “fever” and illegal private property thefts by government thugs.
    All of these are already underway and even more “authority” is being demanded to increase such activity. Internment camps for Americans are also being setup to house dissenters and political ‘prisoners’. Bush is seeking exemptions from the Geneva Convention to continue to use torture and rendition in the ‘war on terror’ which now includes journalists, housewives, political protestors and children.
    Large, stupid segments of America will go right along with this as the guns are banned and their children continue to be brainwashed and indoctrinated by the media and schools. Resistance groups will develop but will be quickly overwhelmed by the massive police state apparatus and the publics perception of ‘terrorists’ being grossly distorted and manipulated by the media. Increased demonization of anti-nationalism and anti-patriotism will continue to distort the real meaning of those words.
    Coping will be very challenging if you’re the least bit outspoken. Already, millions of Americans have left the United States because of this one issue, while others will refuse to ‘give up their guns’ by leaving. This is another modern myth - gun ownership is useless if you’re unable or unwilling to use them, which adequately describes the situation today.
    Expect nationalization of the world’s remaining resources as supplies dwindle. This will include petroleum, water, food, agricutural crops and even human labor. In order to remain in control, they will enforce control on whatever resources are available. You can even expect confiscation of your assets, bank accounts, guns, food or other ‘important’ assets that will permit the government to retain power for a little bit longer. This isn’t idle speculation - this has also happened before throughout history.
    Racism / Extremism / Fundementalist
    Xenophobia is alive and well, demonizing entire segments of American population and especially ‘outsiders’. The bogus war on terror continues to manufacture problems (and profits), while the US media continues to fail to address the real issues.
    A ‘normalized’ America will be demanded, forcing conformity for all US citizens (already underway) in looks, language, beliefs and practices. The melting pot is turning out useless grey slag, which will be deemed more and more desirable then diversity or individual differences.
    Race wars within America will be more prevalant as individual groups struggle for identity and recognition. These will further serve the long arm of the State and it’s tyrannical plans for a militarized America. The easist way to control a population is through fear - and to turn it upon itself.
    Fundamentalist groups will excaberate these issues to rabid extremes, wrapping religion and race together as one and calling for their own private holy ‘jihads’. Caught in the crossfire will be millions of Americans who will bleat like sheep and demand even more ‘protections’. Huge cross sections of America will be punished with police crackdowns and large scale profiling.
    There will be no winners in this war as the fabric of American culture disintergrates even further while the politicians go on wringing their hands in useless and ineffectual gestures.
    Peak Oil
    Global oil reserves are in decline, despite the miniscule “huge finds” that are being claimed and oil will continue it’s upward climb as the supply dwindles. The “huge finds” will last then a single year at our current US consumption rates. This is fact, well understood by researchers and analyst. The government and media will continue to lie right until it’s total chaos about energy and it’s future, while private firms and researchers abandon government help and forge ahead on their own.
    Expect to pay more, a lot more at the gas pump and in heating costs, and all other areas (food especially) as global supply dwindles in the face of increasing demand. We’re not talking double prices at the gas pumps, but over ten thousand percent higher. Yugoslavia saw 5 quadrillion percent inflation in the 90’s in one year. China will become far more vocal and militarized in it’s quest for oil for it’s citizens and global ambitions. Global resource wars will be the result. A closure of the Panama Canal, Straits of Hormez or any of a number of areas around the world will spark a global war. Iran and Venezuela remain on the chopping block for Empire - expect more war, more lies and more death.
    Get rid of your gas guzzlers as soon as you can and revert to walking, biking and sharing rides and public transportation. Getting ‘local’ on food, work, transporation and housing, everything co-located that can’t be telecommuted will go a long ways towards lowering your personal dependency and exposure on oil and energy. When considering relocation, you will need to bear this in mind. Going ‘local’ is THE solution for billions of people in a world of dwindling energy supplies.
    War will be the result of all of the above; climate, energy, hegemony, economics (war is good for business), water, food, strategic minerals and other resources. Basically, the world is not the least bit ready to ‘get along’ and overcome our perceived differences and governments around the world will desperately being trying to hold onto their imperial powers. A power-down world is going to be adamantly refused even while the resulting deaths will be witnessed everywhere. Wars, endless never ending wars will be the result. The 20th century saw more more war and more death then ever, expect the 21st century to pale the entire human history of war.
    War will mean a draft, a volunteer army will no longer be sufficient. Global war will mean induction into ’service’ whether military service or not. As the “American way of life is non-negotiable”, so will your life. You will have no control over it and will be forced into service. Being forced into serving Empire even if you don’t carry a gun will be the norm.
    This will spark massive riots and protests and increased police state crackdowns. The losers will be the same as always, the citizens. Until Empire collapses, dissenters will continue to be the losers and will suffer some of the worst tyranny. This is already happening in the United States.
    Time Frame
    This is all happening right now. The news is full of reports and information regarding the progression to a chaotic world where there are no free choices left anymore to anyone. What we have left today isn’t really a free choice either, but there remains a tiny window of opportunity to choose from the ‘choices’ that do remain.
    To not put too fine a point on it, they are not really ‘choices’, but leftovers from a world gone insane. Civilization has destroyed almost everything that permitted true freedom and liberty, enabling absolutely nothing in this area except “pay as you go” type of existence. Truly free humans would be allowed to live, eat, work, play and relax wherever and however they wanted without any encumbrances at all. Nor would they need a nanny state to coddle and protect them, the State simply wouldn’t exist, being totally unnecessary.
    This generation will not ever see such freedom, nor will it’s children’s children, if they survive. The projected timeframe for these massive changes above is starting now and will continue for the next 50 years or more. I can’t estimate what happens after that. Human extinction is quite possible due to gross negligence and deliberate destruction (nuclear war comes to mind and massive climate shift).
    Preparing for the above needs to start now. Positioning yourself mentally, financially and physically for these huge changes should begin immediately. Do this now while you still can.
    Disentangle yourself from superflous affairs that are not enhancing your chances of survival. This includes emotional, physical and financial attachments. You new SUV is not going to ’save’ you, it’s usefulness is limited and it’s future is already determined, it has a very short lifespan. That house you love is the same, if it’s not sustainable (or cannot be made to be that way) and is located in an area that is not sustainable or safe, then this emotional and financial attachment will wind up killing you. Lose it while you still can before the bank takes it from you or it becomes worthless and you can’t even give it away.
    Start exercising daily doing things like biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, running, etc., real physical stuff that reflects the world to come. Get healthy by eating a proper diet, cutting out all the junk, sugars, useless carbohydrates and learn to raise some of your own food. Unload that garage full of clutter and start assembling the necesary goods and supplies that will enchance you chances of survival. And relocate if you are in an unsustainable area, soon, very, very soon before you are priced right out of the ability to do so.
    The global economic crash will affect everyone and can you really afford to wait for housing prices to fall before you make your relocation move? That might work - and it might not. I’d bet on what would work and don’t worry about the rest. Money is something this meant to be used, not horded. You’re going to die with nothing anyway.
    Learn practical skills in self-sufficiency. Gardening, animal husbandry, mechanical repair, including bicycles, motorcycles, welding and construction. Raising food is going to be essential for ‘localized’ citizens and how to do it. Food storage, preservation and preparation will be essential skills. Localized transportation and ‘employment’ will become essential. So will self-defense and marksmanship skills, para-military training (or the real deal) and situational awareness.
    Learn primitive living survival skills so if you must, you can simply live right off the land. Few are willing to take this route, but my investigations have indeed proven, it is possible in some areas.
    Learn to ‘assess the news’ and delve it’s hidden meanings and coverups. Unfortunately today, the news hides as much or more then it reveals and it’s bias is focused towards mass brainwashing and delusional group-think. Got to keep the herd calm, asleep and entertained. We’re all going to have to ‘wise-up’ to reality and read in-between the lines on everything.
    Form groups to enhance your chances. I have another blog post for this so will leave this comment very brief.
    Get ‘real’ about your present situation and cirucmstances. Stop kidding yourself. Assess your own dependency upon the entire system - it’s what’s keeping you alive right now. Without it, you would die. Learn to live without it’s support if you can. Disentangle yourself more and more, working on it constantly so that you become self-reliant and self-sufficient and capable of dealing with a world in chaos. Dependency is also a one way street and has created a world full of incapable humans who really cannot take care of themselves. They lack even the basic skills to survive. The future won’t permit that, so do something about it. Get educated, get trained, put practical skills into daily experience and learn how to take care of your own needs.
    These things are all going to be essential very, very soon and for some American, they already are. Remaining dependent upon crashing, colliding systems is suicide, but you can change if you put your mind to it and approach these issues with dedication and focus.<!--ac0aa099c3c4a49131f70fd513f292cb-->

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