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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OzarkSaints, Jul 8, 2010.

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    got a sweet beast of a 1978 F150 with straight front axle 4x4 and manual transmission on 33" Kumho's.....need to go far, FAR away from home for work for the next few months and was thinking of taking 2 rigs for redundancy sake so we can get home when and if we REALLY need to....the other rig is a 1st Gen Cummins...so both 4x4 and EMP proof.....only problem is fuel for the F150....the difference in the amount of space and cans required for the gasoline vs the single transfer tank for the diesel is huge.

    so I was thinking of just taking a coupla these 55 gal big blue barrels and securing em in the bed of the F150 and filling them up one 5 gal jerry can at a time and using a hand pump to transfer it into the truck......now I ASSUME that the reason people get set on fire from static electricity when filling up cans (or in this case, barrels) that they left in the back of the truck, is because of the fuel pump being electric/electronic......BUT....we all know what they say about assumption and this is one lesson that I most certainly DON'T wanna learn the hard way!!!!!!!

    Thanks in advance for y'alls help.
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    Can't say I can answer your question, but, I am pretty sure I can point you in the right direction for an answer. Primarily for marine applications they make these wheeled gas containers with handpump that are meant to transport from vehicle, thru marina, down the dock to the boat, and then transfer fuel to the boat.
    Our society and abundance of sue happy lawyers being what it is, I am sure these containers come with all sorts of warning instructions for usage. Almost every major online boating supply has them, ie; boats or us, west end marine, goldbergs,etc etc. You may well be able to do a little research on this product and find all your answers that apply.
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    thanks Tac

    KD...thanks for the link...are some of those tanks made for gasoline? some didn't say anything about fuel, but all the ones that did said 'diesel only'?
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    you'll probably need to contact them to find one that will fit your needs. Their website has been redesigned since I last looked. Their customer service was fast when I made my inquiries before.
    Sorry, but that's all I got for ya. Good luck!
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    **** bud, don't be sorry at all! I'll check with them for sure, I've just never heard of auxiliary transfer tanks being approved for gasoline, only for diesel...henceforth the dilemma...but I'll check with them and post what they have to say....thanks again, much appreciated!
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    The reason people start fires is from static electricity due to plastic bedliners. I have one in my truck and on the most humid day, I can slide something across it and get a shock when I touch metal.

    DON'T use the 55 gal blue barrels. They're not suitable for fuels. I had one filled with kerosene and the expansion and contraction of contents made it crack and burst. You can store fuel in steel drums just fine, IF they seal up well.

    I don't know if this is what you meant, but I wouldn't advise making them permanent fixtures in your truck, filled with fuel. Probably violates a bunch of laws and all that sloshing around... I dunno. Just don't like it. In place is fine - in motion - I wouldn't.

    I'd just look for a permanent place to store a couple of barrels at your destination.
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    thanks FS....the situation is that we will be heading about 1200 miles away from our land for employment for at least the next few months (and quite possibly til Spring).....(right now we are working and living just mere hours from our land so having enough gasoline for our 2nd BOV, the F150, just isn't an issue...our other BOV is diesel and has an auxillary tank in the bed).........so the dilemma is do we buy another diesel BOV just to have in case things go TEOTWAWKI while so far away from home, or we have to find a way to carry a whole lotta gas with us.

    the reason for going so far away for work in the first place is money, so we'd certainly rather not buy another BOV......if it comes down to it, we will probably just fill the whole bed up with 5 gallon jerry cans....would just feel a lot more comfortable with one or two units as opposed to a whole bunch of small ones....and on a side note; while out on the road, we won't have to drive the F150 at all until it is time to come home, so regulatory concerns are simply not a concern :)
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    I gotcha.
    I'd take the F150 and either be prepared to abandon it and drive home in the diesel, or store some gas with it. But then you'd have to sell or dispose of the gas before you came home (not bugging out - just a normal return trip).

    1200 miles - figure you get 300 from a tank and the beast gets 15mpg - you'd need to store 60 gallons. Right now I'm using a 55 gallon steel drum and it's working ok, but it's only been a couple of months since I topped it off.
    If you keep it in the bed of your truck make sure you don't have any kind of bed liner, and make sure to run a ground wire from the drum AND truck to a pipe in the ground before you fill it or mess with it in any way. You'll want to get a vented bung plug too.

    For me - too many headaches. I'd keep the F150 full and keep a couple of Jerry cans with it. That means that you'll get it at least half way home which will increase your chances of getting it all the way home. If you find some gas in that first 600 miles, you're in luck. If not - you made it back with your life and one truck!
    Survival is about making the odds better ain't it?
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    thanks...y'all rock like always!


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