Gas Cans - Blitz USA To Shut Down

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    FYI, Blitz USA, a large maker of plastic gas cans, will be shutting down on 7/31/12. The 46+ year-old company can no longer survive, given 30+ million $$$ of lawsuits, largely involving improper use of the gasoline stored in their gas cans ("if I poke my eye out with the sharp stick you sold me, I'll sue you...if you decide not to sell me the stick, I'll sue you twice").

    Expect price increases on hard to use, leaky-valve, government nanny-mandated fuel containers. For the children.:cool:

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    Two items here, 1. Blitz plastic containers are way to thin for me. 2. The avaliability of Mil Grade containers puts Blitz's product in the homeowner /lawnmower grade product. Not a place for a product that is damaged by sunlight.

    As to the article there are other US Mfg that produce a reliable plastic gas can. Chunk them off a truck onto a rock and they don't leak, of course that is a Mil Spec item, but what's your life worth.

    For me, the yearly bundles sales of two sizes of plastic cans was a good time to purchase an inexpensive Water container. Just prime it with plastic spray on primer and paint it Blue.
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    It would be nice to see a larger can that had a set up to drain, like the water jugs do, but maybe 10 gallons.
    I guess weight would be a limiting factor when you get 10 gallons of fuel, but a little solid and safe fuel station would be nice to have out back in the shed.

    I was all fired up on those new "spill proof" ones until I found out they do not vent so will swell up like a pumkin in the heat.

    anybody have a link for a few mil grade metal ones??
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