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Do you own a mask?

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  1. Yes, and it will or has saved my life!

  2. No, chem/bio wont be widely used.

  1. TheJackBull

    TheJackBull Monkey+++

    I'm a part time prepper I'll admit. It has always been in the back of my mind and I'm an outdoors man so it made sense. But until I moved to Juneau Alaska and was cut off from the lower 48 (nothing comes in except on a commercial jet or 3 days on the barge) it wasn't priority. So I'm looking a little more seriously at some need to haves...

    Is a mask a must? which kind? Will I have time to get home and put it on?

    Just thinking here but i am a little lost on the subject of gas masks...

  2. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    I wouldn't worry to much about a Gas Mask, for your area, as the worst chemical in that town would be the Ammonia Freezing Plant at Taku Smokeries, and it is not really that big. The only other issue around is the Chlorine Gas used to chlorinate the Juneau Water System, and that is a more dispersed setup, as it is not centrally located. The other thing, to NOTE is, there just isn't creditable "Terrorist Interest" in your town, and being that it is isolated, from most of the rest of the world, having NO Connecting Roads, In, or Out, the chances of a Chemical Issue from Outside, is Minimally SMALL. Gas Masks can also be used for Biologics, but a good Face Filter can do as well, and again the isolation makes things much easier, to deal with. Now if you lived in, Say Seattle, or Frisco, well things would be different.... The ONE Place in town that may cause you Pause, would be the Legislative Chambers, when they are in session.... Those guys give off so much BS Gas, as to be critical.... ..... YMMV....
  3. scrapman21009

    scrapman21009 Chupacabra Hunter

    Lucky me, I live 6 miles from Edgewood Area APG, you know, the place they store (in very rusty containers) and incinerate Mustard gas at. OH and the Phosgene gas and MINOR amount of experimental biologicals
  4. techsar

    techsar Monkey+++

    For Juneau, Alaska the likelihood of need is less than found in most of the contiguous US. The great majority of folks live downwind of interstate highways, railways or waterways that carry enormous amounts of potentially dangerous materials. In an event where a release occurs, a high quality mask may be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a lifetime of pain and distress (or even death.) Remember that many chemicals can be absorbed through the eyes and skin, so merely preventing inhalation is not sufficient protection IMHO. Also remember that masks are only good for a certain length of time before the filter media becomes saturated or otherwise compromised - excessive moisture comes to mind - so replacement filters and practice replacing them are important.
  5. goinpostal

    goinpostal Monkey+++

    As a trucker,I carry two masks,four spare canisters,a roll of duct tape,and two elastic cuffed rain suits.I also keep two five pound O2 bottles in my fak bag.
    You never know what you may run across as a trucker.Other drivers hazmat loads,amonia leaks from refrig whses,rail yards,paper mill chlorine leaks,ect..
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  6. TheJackBull

    TheJackBull Monkey+++

    what brands are recommended, full face seems to be the choice. I wont live in Juneau forever...
    @goinpostal - good point, might need a suit to go with it..

    anyone have experience with using any of these items?
  7. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    More on protective masks here:
    Best masks for virus protection?
    Looking for Info On Gas Mask
    Gas mask information.

    I have used military masks, still own some, too. I also have masks purchased on the civilian market which will work well to filter out harmful chemicals and airborne contaminates. You can go with full face or just nose/mouth coverage if you prefer, but one of each would be ideal. Spare filters are a must, and KNOW the range of the filters (what their capabilities are).

    A Tyvek suit is lightweight and very handy - Medium Premium Tyvek TY122S Disposable Coveralls Bunny Suit Mask Gloves Wipe | eBay

    Have a decontamination zone set up in your home. This could consist of a bucket, sponges, bleach, detergent, duct tape, plastic sheeting, etc.

    For instance, I have made one of my setups mobile, and it comprises of an Israeli gas mask with drink tube, filter, heavy rubber gloves, light latex gloves, Tyvek suit and booties, tape and a K8 Nuke radiological detector. All of this fits inside one of my drop-leg bags and does not weigh me down. I also keep a few potassium iodide tablets (KI) with me in a pocket at all times, stored inside a plastic SD memory card case. =)

    Another type of mask is the respirator type (open face). I use them frequently when I Duracoat a firearm. I keep several of these at the ready to use.

    On the left is a MSA mask purchased at the local hardware store. On the right is a NORTH respirator which has the fullest capabilities. I sealed it in a vacuum sealer for long term storage.
    DSC00004.JPG DSC00005.JPG DSC00006.JPG DSC00007.JPG
  8. goinpostal

    goinpostal Monkey+++

    Though older the two masks/four canisters I have,are Finnish mil surp that are in 100%nib condition.
    Though out of date the canisters are true nbc filters,and not the trainers that are only good in the real world for CS tear gas.
    They each came with a leg pouch,drink nipple,and decontam kit.I've combined both to one pouch,and use the other for a mag dump pouch.I also bought two adaptors for using US/Canadian filter canister's.
    I hope you realize that in use,filter canister life can range any where from 20min,to a couple of hours each.It depends on filter age,make,and what your filtering.
    I've come up with a diy pre-filter that will greatly increase your filter life.It's a modded version of a diy I found here:
    DOING FREEDOM! -- DIY Gas Mask, by Bill Riley
  9. TheJackBull

    TheJackBull Monkey+++

    Great info, thanks all!
  10. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Have masks/extra filters/vaseline/decon gear/and plans. Also picked up a fireman's MSA self contained unit. Got it at a yard sale for $35.
  11. Airtime

    Airtime Monkey+++

    I purchased 20+ years ago a small mouth/nose activated charcoal gas mask that folds and stores completely flat. Think an envelop for a birthday card and open it enough to cover your lower face. Don't know the brand and have seen again for years. Got it through a military mail order like US Cav or Brigade Quartermaster. I have it vacuum sealed in a bag.

    I have carried that plus a pair of very small swim goggles to seal my eyes from burning smoke in my brief case on hundreds and hundreds of airline flights. The mask doesn't look like one, goes thur x-ray with zero questions and I have never been challenged. I started carrying this after seeing a program on the PBS show Nova called "Why Planes Burn" which indicated that many victims of commercial aviation accidents die from the smoke. The mask and goggles weigh just a couple ounces and take little space.

    So, I think the best gas mask is the one you have with you. Making it convenient to carry all the time is a big deal. Just thinkin...

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