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    While I was living in LA the Northridge quake hit, the Rodney King Riots happened, Mudslides, wildfires......All of these things caused widespread havoc and destruction.
    In LA it was not uncommon to drive 60 miles in a daily commute for most people.( that's approx. 3 days travel).
    I moved away from there because all that was left was Locust. and I hate giant flying bugs!
    I often think about what would have happened if I am 60 miles away from home, and some catastrophic event took place and I was separated from my family.
    So, we came up with a plan!
    My wife, my daughter and I, decided how we would handle this. We determined the route my wife would travel to get home if she was unable to drive, noting the areas of least possible resistance. We pretty much know where the bad neighborhoods are, and what the easiest route to travel on foot would be. We packed an emergency backpack for her to put in her car.( Poncho, Lifestraw, energy bars, personal protection......)
    My daughter is instructed to wait for us at school, if that's where she was and hide, while keeping watch for us and to only come out of hiding when she saw us. She was instructed to wait until dark and if we were not there by then she would stay out of sight as much as possible and make her way to the house along a predetermined route.
    She is never more than 5 miles or so away from home.
    My role is to get to my daughter first if possible, and then we would head out to meet up with my wife. If the phones are still working its a major bonus but if not, we must be prepared for that.
    once we were all together we would make our way home.
    Whats your plan?
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    It's me, my wife and dog. We know where the other pack members are if we're not together. The plan is to get home, get together, and get out. The rest of the family looks at me sideways if I start in on emergency plans. That's fine. When the elec goes out and the water stops running and they can't flush the toilet and they go to the store and the shelves are empty... they can try and track us down. I've tried.
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    We have had to revisit this plan because the kids were adding/changing the plan. If walking has to take place and it is school year we have a plan for each person. Basically I go get the youngest at school- he is to wait for me. Always home is the meeting point and this is the route we will be taking to get home. Now if our home is evacuated we have a point A and B that we are to meet at.
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  4. captaincarl

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    My plan is not to tell anyone about my plan...OPSEC!
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  5. BTPost

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    SECURE Phones are cheap enough that your Kids can have them in their School Backpacks..... and they have enough range, that you can contact them, and have them move toward you, and away from the School, for an easier Pickup, with less crowding of the School Zone.... They also can give the Home Folks, reassurance that you are Coming In, before you get there..... or give you a Heads Up that the Home Front has been abandoned, due to unIntended Occurances, and let you know just where the Home Front Folks have moved to.....
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