Gatorade doesn't make it!

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    Gatorade doesn't make it! <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1>A friend retrieved an old (purchased ~one year ago) Gatorade from our unrefrigerated pantry in the basement. As he proceeded to drink right out of the plastic bottle, an alien proceeded to climb down his throat. He poured the rest of it down the sink. Examination of the other bottles (around 12) revealed that each had a suspended, fuzzy blob about the size of a large cherry tomato in the center of the Gatorade. [​IMG] Totally gross. The bottles had never been opened and all had their seals intact. I had hauled them back and forth to hunting camp during the last deer season. So they had been alternately chilled and restored to ambient temperature. Some may have even been warmed in the sun after the ice ran out. Just a word to the wise.

    Additionally, The fridge does weird things to gatorade past 2 months

    There is problems with Powdered Gatorade in cans and pouches also.

    The powder gatorade is extremely hydrosorbic in the can.
    The pouches for whatever reason are not. BUT, the pouches change almost exactly at the expiration date. Don't know why. I'm not a chemist. All I know is I go through the same thing every year.

    So, here is an alternative that should be better.
    There's a great product called Electro-Mix that you can get at the local health food store. It has lots of trace minerals and way more potassium and magnesium than Gatorade. The advantage is that it contains ONLY the electrolytes, so you can mix it in with whatever flavored drink you have or you can use it in plain water. It stores very well since there's no sugar or sweeteners in it to degrade over time. I drink it when I'm having leg cramps after exercise and the cramps go away almost immediately. Good stuff to have and better for diabetics because you can regulate sugar intake better.

    It's made by the same folks who make Emergen-C drink mixes:

    I don't have any relationship with the company, I've just found that it's really handy to have several packets along when I'm out working and drinking lots of water. Great to have for the BOB. Another advantage is that it doesn't foul your canteen or water bottle. Just rinse with a little fresh water and it's all gone, unlike Gatorade or other sports drinks. It would work very well in a CamelBak.

    Gleaned by me from another site. Seemed pertinent to our food storage issues. Compilation of 3 posts. This is news to me and I plan on adjusting accordingly to be better prepared.
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    That "fuzzy blob" is known as a "mother" to the brewers out there!
    And I could add a few more expletives to it !
    I once bought a NEW plastic bottle of orange juice and got one in my mouth....
    Haven't drunk store bought juice since then!
    It is common when making a brew for wines, and beers....
    I brew quite a bit, for experimental purposes, but only taste the end result to verify the concoctions!
    "after it has been "cleared" and or "racked" to purity!
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    You could also try GU2O, by the folks that make GU energy gel. I like it better than Gatorade for its very mild flavor and its not sticky sweet. I'm sure it helps that they are a sponsor of mine and give me free stuff, but I'd use it even if they didn't pay for it. :)

    It only comes in powdered forms. The oldest sealed cannisters that I have are two years old, and they have been fine. They don't clump up. However, when mixing, they tend to get a little clumpy.
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