Gear Test - bivy tent and cartridge stove

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    On my recent roadtrip form north Florida up into northern Alabama, I got to more thoroughly test some new gear.
    The Sportsman's Guide Bivytent proved quite adequate, with a couple weak points noted.
    Setup is quick & easy. I found I could stuff the whole thing - rods included - into my compression bag with blanket and travel pillow. An All-In-One shelter package!
    It rained on us Sunday night - I stayed dry and comfy. I did get some internal condensation the first night, so left the rainfly off the second night. It was chilly though, and the fly helps retain heat.
    I had switched from metal wire stakes (useless in Florida sandy soil!) to plastic pegs. I broke two of the six in the rocky Alabama soil! Luckily, a prior camp spot tenant left a bunch of wire stakes - saved my keister!
    One other problem - the foot end fiberglass pole broke one section! I bent it too much on setup the first night. But, using a little bit of wire and my multi-tool, and I had it "McGuyvered" and it held up the whole trip.
    The air matress (I have a bad back) was a PITA to inflate by mouth - then I got smart and used my Slime Electric Air Compressor from the bike - made it nice and comfy!
    I’m six feet four inches tall, and something over 350 pounds – the tent was snug, but I fit in it. Entering and exiting takes some practice – I go prone then slide my feet in and wriggle on in. A groundsheet extending out the door side keeps dirt and leaves to a minimum inside.

    For meals, I used my new Coleman Peak1 cartridge stove. Easy lighting, very adjustable flame - I could simmer or go into full afterburner! Worked great. I had my meal cooked in my steel GI canteen cup, before Robert got his cranky MSR gasoline/fuel stove fired up and finally hissing. The Peak1 burns more cleanly too – no soot or grunge.
    However, he does have the advantage of being able to take fuel from his bike. His stove only had one setting though - HIGH! He had to use a separate flame spacer - made his gadget very bulky.
    The Peak1 is very light & compact. However, it is a little less stable than I would like. I need to make a wire mesh platform to fit over the folding wings. The cup/pot could slide around a bit too easily.

    All in all, both pieces of gear worked well. Repairs and mods will be easy enough. They are well worth the money spent.
    $25 for the Bivytent from Sportsman’s Guide catalog, and about $20 for the Coleman Peak1 stove from WalMart.
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    The Bivy Tent:

    The Coleman Peak1 propane/butane cartridge stove in use (left):
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    Cool, thanks for the review!
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