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    well generator theory and an electric motor are very similar
    the basic concept is that a magnet is rotated in a coil of wire or visa versa. the magnetic field produced by the magnet forces the electrons in the coil generating electric current this is the process used by many dam's around the world in amarica's hover dam a coil is spun at great speed around a large set of magnets if you wanted to generate electricity using this method how you get the coil or magnets to rotate is limitless you could have a giant hampster wheel run by your trusted mates or a similar radioactive giant duck

    about the magnets and coils
    the more coils the better make sure they are in parallel with each other to reduce electromagnetic radiation
    the magnets have to be as strong as possible to generate a fair amount of electricity
    and they must be spin as fast as you can get them to go

    finally an electric motor is caused by a similar set up but electricity is fed into the coil for this the magnet must be spin-able

    this is done by memory about a year staled soz if anything wrong
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    here is a simple electric generator you could take the lesson from this and apply them to a larger more useful model


    • Because a basic generator is very simple, it can be made from readily available components. For a basic generator, you will need a magnet, some wire and a large nail. A low voltage flashlight bulb can show that the generator is actually producing electricity. Cardboard will make the frame for the generator, and an inexpensive socket for the light bulb will make it easier to hold the bulb against the power feeds from the generator.


    • Make a rectangular support box out of cardboard. The box should be 8 cm high by 8 cm wide by 3.5 cm deep. Poke a hole through the box on the narrow axis. The hole should be centered on both sides as the nail will become the axle for the magnet. Slide the nail through the box and glue four magnets to the nail. Strong ceramic magnets work best. Wrap the wire around the box, allowing the nail to poke through the wire. The wire must be insulated so it doesn't short out. Strip the insulation off the ends of the wire and connect it to the light bulb or bulb socket and spin the nail with the magnets attached. The bulb should glow faintly. In some cases, you may need to turn off the lights to see the faint glow. To make the bulb brighter, spin the nail faster. If you'd like to spin the magnets faster, put the end of the nail in an electric drill. Be careful not to spin the generator too quickly or it could come apart.

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