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    Hey all I've been kicking around an idea on a generator. I'm not sure if it's been done before, can be done or what. My basic idea is that if somthing was to happen where power would be out for an extended period of time any form of gas would or could become non-existant.
    So the idea I've been kicking around was if you were to take a large battery like what you use to store power from a windmill and connect it to a small electric motor. Once you turn the motor over it charges a couple of capacitors which inturn turn a large motor over which is connected to a generator.
    My theory is that once you start to generate power you can turn the small motor off, charge the battery back up and then run your house on the power. The motor can get it's own power from the power it's creating and you have a complete cycle without the worry of gas.
    If you want you could get a solar charger to keep the battery charged or just turn the generator on once a day for power and keep the battery charged that way. Either way you have a power system that doesn't need exhaust, isn't as loud as a gas generator and is a complete system in and of itself.
    OK so thats it. Like I said I could be reinventing the wheel here or I could be thinking of somthing that isn't even possible, but since I don't have the electrical background and more than one brain on a problem is always better I thought I'd throw it out here.
    So opinions and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

    Take care Be safe, Poacher.
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    If Imunderstanding what your talking about it sounds like a perpetual motion machine which pretty well runs into trouble with the laws of physics. You might be able to hook an alternator to a windmill or water wheel though (through gearing) and use that to charge the batterie.
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