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    Okay so it hasn't actually happened yet, but have no doubt, the Judicial System among so many other things in this country are seriously biased and for all practical purposes, they are broken beyond repair.
    Don't believe it? Wait and see if I am not right.
    Zimmerman is a white Hispanic who killed a black man.
    That black man, Trevon Martin who beat the crap out out of the smaller white man has been portrayed as a frail smiling innocent child of 14 repeatedly. Truth is he was a full grown 17 year old dope smoking delinquent and thug, recently suspended from school, who was shown on his own facebook pages tattooed, flashing gang hand signs, smoking dope, waving a gun around, and talking racial slurs. Innocent child? Hardly !!!
    Why was the arrest of George Zimmerman delayed for so long? Because they really didn't have a murder case. Self defense was obvious to most thinking persons. Why was he arrested at all. Political Correctness and fear of Black backlash.
    All major cities in Florida are strongly in Democrat hands. Zimmerman is going to trial in a major Florida city. Can he get a fair trial there? Unlikely! In a small Florida town or rural area it is doubtful he would even have been charged with anything at all or at worst a manslaughter charge. How many shots were fired? From what distance? Was the distance so short that the gun powder residue was heavy and obvious on the clothing at the entrance point of the bullet(s)? Why were almost all picture of Zimmerman show in black and white? Because blood and skin discoloration was not so apparent in black and white. Later pictures in color which got much less TV air play showed the injuries to Zimmerman.
    Can Zimmerman get an unbiased jury of his peers in Orlando? News would indicate 100's (up to 500) of jurors were brought in to question and pick from. Personally this is one of the aspects of the judicial system I consider seriously flawed. Juries should not be honey picked by the defense and prosecution attorneys. Of the 500 potential jurors they should have been able to come up with 200 or more that were acceptable. Of that group it should be 12 random selected for the primary jury and 12 at random for the back up jurors. Screw stacking the deck by honey picking. How did it turn out for the primary jurors for the Zimmerman trial? In a liberal stronghold of Orlando, he got 12 females. Need I say more? Jury of his peers? I think not. Well, maybe, from the viewpoint that all 12 jurors probably are human, as is Zimmerman.
    Prior bad acts by the defendant (Zimmerman) in most all cases are supposed to be inadmissible. This case is so screwed up, all aspects of Zimmerman's past are considered fair game for his prosecution, and the Judge (you might as well call her his, Executioner), has disallowed almost all negative history of the poor innocent black child to be heard by the jury. She has made it quite clear that these areas are off limits.
    I really could go on and on, but I just had to vent, and these were things I could clearly recall. There is much more. I have little doubt Zimmerman will be found guilty. The truth, and justice does not matter. Clearly this man is unlikely to get a fair trial. Political Correctness demands that this white, conservative, gun toting, Christian be lynched for the good of the nation.
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    I am still waiting for someone to explain what a white Hispanic is, as I have never heard that term used in conjunction with any other race. In my book, this is nothing more than a mean's to inflame the racial bias of folks against Zimmerman... the guy is Hispanic or he is white.... which is in this context the same as a white black.. o_O But you will never hear that term used..... because it just is wrong.

    In the bigger picture he is either innocent or guilty regardless of race.... The media/politician (opportunist) are trying to use the racial angle to have TV time and influence votes, which is creating all of this racial angst in this country... just as they are doing with class warfare.

    The jury is an interesting mix and will be a trial to it does affect everybody's right to self you have it or will they hang you when you exercise it?
    Zimmerman jury of peers is jury of (mostly white) women (+video) -
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    In centuries past Spain had their own class system and monarchy. Upper class Spanish were definitely white. "Castilian", I believe was the ethnic descriptive for these peoples. Spain was invaded by North African Islamic Moors who pretty much had their way with Spain for some time and intermixed with the local population as was their way. Spanish explorers of the 1400's, thru 1700's also established colonial outposts and intermixed with indigenous peoples. All of these intermixed Spanyards were looked down upon by Castilian pure bred Spanish. It would seem that today all Hispanics would like to claim pure Castilian blood no matter what the ethnic mix, and many thus want to claim "white". Quite frankly, none of this means any more to me than one grain of sand on the beach. It is what it is. Truth, fiction, fact or fallacy. As for not having heard of the term "white", "Hispanic" .... one only has to look at the last census forms or almost any federal form where race is to be included on the form.
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    Hey, a white - Hispanic with a patched together DNA could be described as "Quilty." :D
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    sheesh. ..... typo damnit! Unfortunately in this version of Monkey, it is not possible for the average poster to correct a typo on the title line.
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    Brokor - maybe he was feeling soft and warm. ;)

    Fixed the title for ya' tac. Gotta' be careful around Brokor. Not much in the way of spelling/grammar gets by him. Sometimes he just lets it go. Other times; not.
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    Ah, the fun of a jury trial.
    Depending on how good the lawyers are depends on what the outcome will be.
    Lots of lawyer criminals that get all kind of evidence excluded from seeing the light of day. Today's juries don't ever get the entire picture. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes wrong when compared to 'ALL' the evidence.

    Best thing Z's lawyers can do is to get the 911 operator telling him 'Not to follow' excluded from testimony. Then it's a toss up.

    Wonder what the odds in Vegas are? That would be more accurate indication of what is going to happen.
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    Aw man, that title had me a all spun up.
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    doesn't matter what FL does .... Obammy and Holder will be waiting with Fed warrants .... he'll be shanghaied and rung up by a rigged jury .... the guy is dead meat
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    The all female jury is a curiosity to me. His lawyers must have thought this was a good thing. I would have had seroius reservations...but it isn't my trial.

    Unless jury selection was from under a rock, there have to be some details that the jury has had exposure to that one side or the other would like to supress. One glance at a picture of Martin near the time of his death would be enough to convince me that he was not a defenseless child. Judges instructions cannot erase what has been seen. Text messages about lean (Purple Drank, Sizzurp, syrup, etc. Purple drank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) should make for interesting jury deliberations. Maybe they should take a recess to try it.

    Is it just me that feels that our entire legal system is on trial in south Florida?

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    I read somewhere that the jury pool is 2 women to every man so the all woman panel is not unusual for them... how they determine his Quilt or innocence is to be seen..
  13. Illini Warrior

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    big plus for Zimmerman decided yesterday by the female judge .... the state's BS so-called expert on voice recognition will not be allowed to run his zoo .... the 911 call with the background "voices" can be played but neither side will be able to use experts ....

    sounds like a good deal for justice ....
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    When I heard all female jury, I thought he's toast. No way is he getting off. The mothering instinct, plus the need to prove you aren't racist, I saw Zimmerman being convicted. Plus who's going to go against the President??? Didn't he say, "You know, if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon." I read then small bio's of the jury. . I just don't know. I think Trayvon was a thug but I also think he was a product of poor parenting. But then a Florida jury found Casey Anthony innocent, who knows.

    Jury bios:
    Trayvon Martin shooting: All-woman jury selected for George Zimmerman trial  - NY Daily News
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    This case kind of reminds me of something that happened in Los Angeles in 2005. A 13 year old black kid and a friend (who was, I think, 14) stole a car and were chased by police. When they finally got stopped and the cops approached the car, the passenger ran for it, and the 13 year old tried to run the cops down. They opened fire to stop him. He was killed, and his mother was on the news saying 'he was a good boy' 'he was never in no trouble'.
    Then why, I asked at the time, was he driving a stolen car? Why did he try to run the cops down?
    Because of that incident, and because of the stink the black community in Los Angeles made (anybody remember the Rodney King riots), LAPD is no longer allowed to open fire on a car, meaning they cannot consider a car a deadly weapon.
    Here's letters to the LA Times, the day after the incident:
    Outrage Over LAPD Killing of 13-Year-Old - Los Angeles Times

    Here's two articles from black community sources, one 8 days after the incident, and one almost a month later:

    LAPD guns down 13-year-old Black youth

    LAPD kills Black teen; community pressures forge policy change

    I couldn't find an actual article on the incident.
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