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    Like @Mindgrinder I am more of a minimalist but my bag goes with me. My get home bag is my everyday carry. I get out of the car to go into the office, it goes with me. I don't take it into the grocery store but it is in the car. Always with me. I do not go more then 30-40 miles from my home. Please note in my car is a small tub with extra "stuff" depending on the circumstance that is causing me to walk home I can grab some stuff from the tub. My bag is a Jansport and it is purple, I look like a normal Mom with a backpack, but the pack is one of their outdoor models that has all the pockets and has the area for a water system. This is the style I carry- JanSport Tulare Backpack - 2050cu in |

    Most would look at my bag and just think Mom with stuff hanging off. But if you look there is a compass, flash light, Sparkie fire starter plus a few extra locking clips.
  2. ghrit

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    yep, 40 miles in 12 to 15 hours is very unlikely, even if flat ground and in superior shape. 20 would be a challenge in the same time for far more than a few folks. 15 would be tough enough, but might be doable the first day, not so sure about the second. Methinks planning for at least three days and better four. Carry enough chow to cover the trip. Look for places to replenish water as well. In other words, scout the route thoroughly.
  3. Mindgrinder

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    Sheesh...I really AM surrounded by OLD dudes....
    4 days to walk 40 clicks? Maybe if you're b-lining through the bush...I'm thinking day 1 SHTF while I'm at work...i'd still be walking straight down the road or railway lines with no fear to get home.
    If you're planning this sorta pace, add a tarp, paracord, lifestraw and a whole box of energy bars.
    My office is almost exactly 50km (not miles) from my door....i smoke 2 packs a 99% sure I could walk it quite easily in a day....the only advantage I got is that I walk a LOT as it is....around 6km/day (3 each way) in the summer to catch my commuter train into the city.
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  4. Yard Dart

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    Reality is when the SHTF, nobody is walking 40 miles in a day.... you just are not going to do it. Add in additional impediments other than shear distance such as terrain, off road obstacles, SHTF scenarios such as road blocks to by-pass, thugs wanting your stuff... and just good old fashioned conditioning. I don't care how much you can walk from the house to the bus/train what have you. If you are in great shape and are training routinely for long range force marches, 25 miles a day would be fine. But you need to have rest breaks, perform movement while also being security minded and not just blindly bopping down the road. Think mole-skin as well, blisters and such will occur if your feet are not conditioned for that distance. Add in the fact that you may be wearing the wrong shoes that day, and you don't have a good pair of boots in your rig along with your GHB.... all mistakes that can add in a variety of factors.

    How many of us here are currently doing marathon's, long range ruck run's, deep country backpacking and such. I would suspect not many are routinely, other than Mrs Hanzo, Melbo and a few selected folks that really train for just that type of scenario (I am not one of them). I have 45 miles roughly door to door with my path, if I am at the office..... but I am pretty mobile in my work day so who knows where I might be when things go south. I would never consider trying to do 40 miles in a day..... I never have, even in the best shape of my life "back in the day" when I was paid to hump a ruck!! There is much to consider while in movement.... not just the goal of getting home, but safety along the way.

    Bottom line is, be prepared with 3 days of supplies with a proper GHB, boots, and a plan.... And never plan for the best scenario and pray that gets you home. Prepare & train for the worst case situation.... it may just save your life. Just like any athlete, you continually train for your opponent....
  5. ghrit

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    Yep, old. Retired, too, no need to plan for getting home from work. That's why I'm staying put. If SHTF hits while I'm at the groc shoppe, it's only 10 miles and mostly down hill, and there's stuff enough in the pickup to get home with. The greatest distance I can see bugging out to is 100 feet from here to the shed if the house burns down. (And that's 40 MILES not 40 cliks.)
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  6. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have 17 miles to get home... I plan on 3 days... I could possibly make it in one long day if everything works out however most of the way has swamp streams and fields/woods .. I plan on the worst and hope for the best... I try to be realistic in my planning... if I can take the roads it's no problem... if not thing just got worse...
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  7. Yard Dart

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    Silly Canadian....hahaha. Try 64.5 clicks which equals 40 miles :)
    You might need this ;)
    km to miles - kilometers conversion
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    I'm taking one of the boats, Pretty sure I can get to within 5 miles of La Masion
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  9. HK_User

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    In place.

    I'll be doing a perimeter watch, that means I will most likely be inside of that perimeter by 100 feet or more. Depends on the time of year and the cover.

    Wife will be on the radio/phone and provide what ever support she can.

    First move is to get all the cattle in one small pasture.

    Nights will be spent on guard, in a FOP. Days will be, hopefully, on watch from the look out tower.

    No Port and Starboard just cat naps and a whole lot of tired till it feels safe or until backup arrives.

    20 miles a day is the most I see me doing and that would be a push.
  10. Pax Mentis

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    I have what I think is even better...

    One of the "option items" in the car stuff now is a used jogging stroller that I got off Craig's List for $20. Holds a lot and can be configured to carry just about anything. It also folds up and has quick release wheels that make it store easily even in the back of the Jeep.

    One of the other options, since I am rarely far from my river is a blow up kayak and foot pump...but that isn't so good unless you live close to a river.
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  11. KAS

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    its easy even I do this!!!!!
    thanks guys
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  12. oldawg

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    For me it's not the miles per day. A lot of time will be spent just observing what I'm walking into. Careful and slow movements toward my goal.I do not want to miss the ones hiding that are up to no good. Stalk the stalkers in order to evade a confrontation is usually the safest. If it four or five days to get home so be it. It all depends on terrain,weather and season, and number of alerts I must pay attention to. Besides I couldn't do forty miles a day shank's mare with gear even on a smooth flat highway at my age.
  13. HK_User

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    Getting there on time means getting there alive without any one tailing you to your family.
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  14. KAS

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    how about your car breaks down your 30 miles from home with no cell signal .. Are we still walking home doing duck and roles acting like we are back in kambotia???

    Are there any situations out there that we are not planing on shooting someone and just have a more realisitic SHTF situation ?
    For Christ sake !!! or yall got that coverd??
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  15. HK_User

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    All kinds of pie in the sky events that could happen, but this is about a Get Home Bag, not a Get Home Bang.
  16. Brokor

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    LOL! To be fair, most folks have cell phones, so that negates about 90% of the threat right away. But, let's say your phone doesn't work, no signal, you forgot it, EMP whatever...You do not have On-Star. You are alone, so nobody else could have a cell phone glued to their fingers. It is the "worst case situation" for a get home evacuation drill. Or is it?

    Provided you have a means to procure water or have some with you, a decent pair of boots or hikers, a trusty blade, protection from the elements, and something to signal with, this shouldn't be too bad...right?

    You could flag somebody down, too. Maybe you are all alone on the road, no help is coming. You can't fix your car because you don't have a tool kit or knowledge of what is wrong with your car in the first place. The "worst case situation" has met the "day of all days". But wait, there's more. This wouldn't be a real SHTF get home situation without a weather forecast...looks like waist deep snow and an Arctic chill sweeping through suddenly. It's gonna get ugly, fast! Now, our "worst case" situation combined with "day of all days" has met up with... "the perfect storm". DUN-DUN-DUN!

    Now, with all this in mind, how important is it for you to get home in the first place? Couldn't you just settle for getting to the next gas station?
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  17. KAS

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    thank you brokor .... finaly we agree!!!!
    but the post does say no cell phone signal ...
    And judging from where 90% of yall claim to live this is very possible so give me credit back for 45% of my post..LOL
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  18. Pax Mentis

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    I suppose there might be some substance here if it were only coherent...
  19. oldawg

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    Equip and prepare for the worst case will make the least case a near walk in the park. And no I have never done "duck & rolls" in Kambotia? I don't think I even slept there last night. This is Survival monkey. ;)
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  20. stg58

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    I live 7-10 minutes from where my main work site is and I have one in my company truck I can range on company business over three states.
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