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    deflinitely go with a waterfilter (katadyn, msr they all make good ones. They filter everything), I can confidently pack 1liter of water and a filter as I know there are little ponds and "pocket lakes" wherever I hike,a filter provides hundreds of gallons of potable water from any ditch or puddles,use a prefilter (bandanna over the inlet to help keep the muck out.)replacement cartridges are available.Filters are lighter than carrying 3 or 4 liters.Also go with the mountain house freeze dried baclkpacker meals( $6-7.00 a piece), you want alot of easy, no muss no fuss calories not chasing, killing and preparing scrawny squirrels and catttail tuber stew...being as you are in a single minded push home ( to family and supplies) and its "only" 45 miles you could dipense with any ideas of hunting or gathering along the way...
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    Thanks to all

    You guys are really putting some good information out there. I need to explore some of them in more detail. Probably the first will be to add additional food items and get better equipped for water purification.

    I carry the beretta in lieu of another .45 in my BOB because it is handgun that I would be least upset about losing. As I keep this pack in my car, I don't want to risk losing one of my more "premium" .45's. However, I have been eyeing one of the new Taurus 1911s. They are sound from what I have heard and seem reasonably priced.

    One other thing that I failed to mention is my communication system. We have a UHF repeater on the farm with a 180' tower. I can contact my home and family members via this system from anywhere within a 80 mile range. With this, I can get confirmation that my family is safe in case I am unable to get across the river for a few days.

    Again, thanks for the input.
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    Wow, great comm, you could probably get a brother to come out an pick you up ?
    So you have personal comm from me'emphus to the ranch?
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    Well that must've sucked being so far from family( trinindad tobago? in the carribean?) diuring all the initial cra
    ziness..were you onboard a ship or were you flown around living onshore??
    details man...
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